Scarecrow: Hostage

I carried Dani into the study and Foster followed, covering me. We found Beth there, staring in wide eyed horror at a computer screen. "What is it?" I put Dani down gently on the sofa in there and spun the screen around to face me.

"DAMMIT" I slammed my hand into the desk and Foster came up behind me, resting his hand on my shoulder. He looked at the picture on the screen and drew his breath in quickly, "Well I'll be damned." he whispered.

"He went to get Richards." Beth's voice shook as she spoke.

Jagan Cover sat blindfolded in a chair, his hands tied behind his back while a masked man aimed a gun at his head. The computer beeped and a message popped up in a separate window.

Thirty minutes at the abandoned factory Scarecrow. Bring Danielle. Other then that, come alone, or he dies.

I turned and punched the wall angrily. "Dammit Cover why didn't you obey the rules of backup?!" I shouted angrily. Dani stirred, her eyes flickered open and she sat up. "What's going on?" she caught sight of the computer screen and walked over. "Nothing, nothing Dani." I jumped in front of it but she pushed me aside and stared at Jagan and the message.

"Right then" she said through gritted teeth. "Let's go." She looked up at me and my stomach gave a guilty twinge. "I'm supposed to be protecting you, not putting you in the line of fire." I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. I saw fear but also anger and hurt. She was angry and hurt that her father would do this to her. I understood then, it was something she had to do. "Ok" I nodded. "But I'm ignoring the going solo thing, these two can come with us, just a different way." Dani nodded and walked out of the room with Beth close behind.

Foster was still mad. I could tell from the look in his eye. "Just one thing mate" I whispered as I walked past him after Dani and Beth. "Find out why he did it before you shoot  him." Foster gave a small nod and I knew that was the best I was going to get. I sighed and walked out the door. Action time.


I left Foster and Beth to take the underground route and Dani and I took the car. I knew we were being watched so I made a big show of it, opening the door for her and the whole shebang. I wanted Daddy to know that I knew he was watching my and that I was looking after his princess just like he asked me to, not that she was his princess anymore. She was possibly his worst enemy now bar me and Foster.

I laughed as I got in the car and Dani just looked at me. If only she knew what I was thinking. Suddenly I decided to tell her and she laughed with me. As the two of us drove down the road we suddenly erupted into a fit of giggles and I struggled to keep a straight face as she doubled up in laughter and tears ran down her face.

After a few minutes we were sombre again and I glanced over at her. "Fell better?" I asked. "Yeah thanks Crow." she smiled for the briefest of moments and I got edgy. "You do know the risk you're taking?" I asked her gently. "Yeah I know, I just wont let my... Mr. Richards do this to a fellow team member." her face was pale but her voice was firm and I knew she understood what she was doing.

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. "You remember the plan?"

"We get out, I talk, you scope, we both try to keep attention on us so that Beth and Foster can get to Jagan."

"Atta girl, we'll make a real SCIT soldier of you in no time, medals and all."

She blushed and looked out the window. Well, at least she has some colour back in her cheeks. I gripped the steering wheel tightly. It didn't feel right, I felt like I was being a traitor by bringing her to them. Something smelt wrong about the whole thing.

The End

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