Scarecrow: Alone time

I couldn't believe what Dani had just told us. I looked at Foster and saw the desperation in his eyes. "No she wouldn't." he murmured as he turned away from me and punched the wall. Dani looked a bit frightened and I decided that the last thing she needed was to see him break down. I put a comforting hand on his shoulder for a moment "We're gonna give you some alone time mate." I said before grabbing Dani's arm and forcibly dragging her out of the room.

The door had barely closed behind us when we heard the smash of a cup hitting the wall. We both sat down in a sitting room and I sighed and put my head in my hands "I only hope it doesn't affect his professionalism on the job." I muttered and Dani stared at me. "Don't you have a heart?" she said angrily. "I had to tell him about Dad and Maria, you don't have to be such a heartless git."

"I'm not like that." my voice came out in a strangled wail as my mind flashed back to everything Beth and Marissa had said to me in the past. I had caught Marissa in our bed with another guy, I knew what Foster was feeling, that everything had been a lie, strung along. But most of all like he wanted to punch the other guy's head in. I was luckier then him in a way, I'd known our relationship was falling apart a long time before it actually had. But those eyes, she'd looked at me the same way Beth did, like I was nothing, worthless. "Are you alright Steve?"

I looked up at Dani quickly, surprised that she'd used my real name, surprised that she knew it, and then I realised that there were tears in my eyes. I tried to look away before she noticed but it was too late. She'd seen them. Sh*t!

"Scarecrow?" Maybe it was my imagination that she'd said Steve a few moments before. "Yeah sorry Dani, it's just a long day and I'm tired and worried now. I don't understand why your Dad would want us to protect you when he was behind the whole thing." I sat back and ran my hand through my hair. "It doesn't make sense, he had to know he was going to slip up eventually. He knows what we're like with a case." I sighed and then a shiver ran down my spine, almost like I was being watched.

"Firstly he's not my Dad anymore. I don't know WHO he is but he's not my Dad." Dani stood up and I looked up at her and a flash of red caught my eye. "And secondly..." I dived at her and wrestled her to the ground before she could continue. "What are you..." she began and then a vase right behind where she'd been standing exploded into pieces. "Sniper." I gasped as I lay on top of her, shielding her as I tried to find my phone.

I pulled it out and typed in Foster's number. He answered after the first two rings "What?" his voice was rough, as it he'd been screaming or crying, or both. "Sniper, we're in the main sitting room. Dani's a target." I gasped into the phone before hanging up. I propped myself half up on my elbows and looked down at Dani. She blushed. Awh man I don't have time for this!

I rolled off her and pointed to the door where Foster suddenly appeared, hidden from view of the window but able to see us. "I'm gonna drag you over there ok? Don't move, be a dead weight, make em think you're injured. I'll use the sofa as cover." Dani nodded, her eyes wide, adrenaline pumping. "Don't forget Dani, you're the target here." I grabbed the sofa with one hand and the back of her jacket with the other and started dragging them both towards the door, keeping the sofa between us and the window as best I could. I reached the door and Dani tried to stand up a little too quick. "NO." I pushed her back down just in time and a bullet grazed past my arm, drawing blood but not wounding me badly.

I dragged her out of the room and then pulled her to her feet. "You're bleeding." she looked wide eyed at my torn jacket where the blood was pumping through. "Flesh wound." I muttered taking her arm and pulling her towards the study but she stumbled into me and I caught her as she swayed and looked up at me apologetically. "That's a lot of blood." she murmured before passing out in my arms. "Oh fantastic." I groaned and I heard Foster half laugh. "Remind me to get you to blindfold her when I blow her father's brains out." he said through gritted teeth.

Foster is more then pissed, he's majorly ticked off....

The End

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