Jagan: Trust Me

I stepped out of the armored truck, looking around for a moment. Dani's father really didn't want us-Dani, getting hurt. So he gave us an armored truck, how kind.

I walked over to the front door and began to knock, just as Dani and Bethany appeared out of the back of the car.

The door opened very slowly, "Hello?" a quiet voice said.

"Mr. Hegemenn?"

The door shut.

I stood there for a moment, thinking about all the possible reasons someone would shut the door in someone's face just cause they said their name. Only one came to mind, he had a gun to his head.

I motioned to Bethany and Dani to pull their guns.

I took a step back and kicked the door open. I ran in and yelled, "We got doors on the left and right, I'll get right, Dani and Bethany you guys check out the left!"

I ran into what seemed to be a bathroom. It had a sink and a toilet, but there was something oddly suspicious about the shower curtain.

I aimed very carefully and yelled, "Hey!" and with my foot, removed the curtain.

No one.

I spun around and opened the door opposite to that one. It was a closet.

"They were here." I whispered, reaching for the video camera. I picked it up and put it in an evidence bag. Gloves are such a wonderful invention. I thought to myself, Hopefully, whoever put this camera here wasn't wearing any.

I walked over to Bethany and Dani, who gave me the all clear signal. I looked over at the couch and the kitchen, where we saw Mr. Heg, frizzled as a porcupine.

I slowly put away my gun, realizing he was harmless, "It's okay Mr. Heg, we aren't here to hurt you."

He nodded slowly.

"Who's been in here the last 24 hours?" I asked, cutting to the point.

"Umm...my maid...and...that's it."

"Liar." I heard Dani say under her breath.

I walked over to Mr. Heg, looking quite intimidating, "Mr. Heg, don't lie to us."

Mr. Heg looked as though he'd seen a ghost, "Look, I can't say. He said he'd kill me if I said anything."

I took a breath to say something, but then Dani cut in, "What makes you think we won't kill you?"

Mr. Heg went white as a sheet. Dani pulled out her gun and pointed it at him.

I almost flipped, but just slowly said, "Dani, not yet."

Mr. Heg looked at me with horror, "No, that came out wrong!"

Dani walked towards Mr. Heg very slowly, "Tell us who was here."

"I don't know his name!"

"There's one way you can help us, and you know it. Where's the evidence?"

He just stared at us like we were the undead, "...he wasn't wearing gloves, that's all I know! I swear!"

Dani put away her gun, "What was one thing he touched?"

"Uhh...nothing. He wouldn't touch anything or anyone." then Mr. Heg's face lit up with a thought, "Well, he did trip. He grabbed hold of a chair to keep him steady."

"Which one?"

He pointed to the second chair down.

I walked over to it and picked up my walkie talkie, "Forensics now."

Instantly, dozens of forensic scientists swarmed in, examining the chair that I pointed to when they walked in.

I stepped back and waited for a moment.

"We got a print. It's recent. About three hours ago."

"Why didn't you run?"

"They said if I left the house I'd be shot." he said, shivering.

Sensing his fear I put a hand on his shoulder, "It's going to be okay man, trust me."

We waited while they examined the print more, writing stuff down.

"Now time to figure out who's it is." they sighed with relief.

We started for the armored car, "Mr. Heg, let's go."

"But, but."

"It'll be fine, trust me."

We all loaded up in the car and they began driving.

We all had our guns out, just in case we got attacked.

We didn't.


When we arrived at HQ, I was surprised to see the Boss wasn't here.

He usually just sat around in the lounge watching old Steve Martin films, like Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

I watched as the forensic scientists pulled out the results and winced, "Oh my goodness." the one reading it said.

I took the papers and looked, I dropped the papers.

"What?" Dani asked.

"Your dad."

"What about him?"

"The print is his."

Bethany's eyes got wide, "What!?"

Dani looked as though the whole world had just frozen.

"It's going to be okay Dani."

Dani looked at me, I could tell she didn't believe me.

"Trust me."

The End

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