Scarecrow: Electric methods

Sherlock was right, I was letting the personal interfere with the professional and it wasn't right. Then the car blew up and I was flat on the ground before you could say detonate.

Man I love a good barbecue but not when I'm supposed to be the main course.

I surveyed the burnt out remains of our car and then turned and ran towards Beth to make sure she was alright. She was lying face down on the ground and my blood ran cold for a moment as I dropped to my knees beside her and put a hand on her shoulder to roll her over. "Beth, oh please god be ok." I said, half to myself. As I saw her face I realised she was crying and I pulled her up into my arms to hug her tight. "Don't worry Beth, I won't let anything happen to you." No matter how angry was with her still, I couldn't bear the thought of my little sister being hurt in any way. She turned her face into my shoulder and I said something that sounded like "Sorry" but I wasn't sure. Then it dawned on me, she was sorry she'd given me such a hard time over my old job without realising that her one was just as dangerous. "Is this the first case gone wrong you've ever been on kiddo?" I ask gently. She nodded with her face still in my shoulder and I squeezed her tight. "We'll get out of this alive, us West's always do."

Then Jagan walked over and I nodded at him as I helped Beth to her feet. "Look Scarecrow, I wanted to say I'm....." He started to speak but Beth cut him off by once again throwing herself at him with a cry of "Thank god you're alright."

My face darkened and I bent down to pick up my gun. "Wish I got a welcome like that." I said coldly. "Well Beth, I guess you don't need me to look after you after all. Seems to me like I'm not that important to you anymore. I understand." I spat out the last two words as I pushed past them both. "Scarecrow wait..." she grabbed my sleeve but I shrugged her off without even looking at her and headed over to make sure Dani was alright.

She was lying on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance as I walked over. When I saw her feeble protests that she was ok I had to smile. She caught me with the smile on my face again and looked surprised. "Hey Kid, you ok?" I sat down beside her and she let her head fall back with a sigh as she stared at the ceiling. "I want to just get this damn case over with and go home." she mumbled. "And I don't get why you call me kid when you're only what? 4, 5 years older then me?" I was surprised I have to say, I never thought of it like that, I mean, I know I'm young and all, but I always saw myself as years older then the newbies. "I guess it's just cos you're new." I said quietly. "How are you doing anyway? With all this gunfire and explosions and stuff?"

Dani turned her cool gaze towards me and I saw myself in her eyes. It kind of scared me to be honest, I couldn't afford her to be taking any of the risks I normally would. I needed her alive and unhurt.

"We definitely have a rat in the SCIT." she said angrily. "And whoever he or she is, when I find them, I'm going to put a bullet through..."

"Woah woah calm down." I put a hand on her shoulder as I stood up over her. "You just concentrate on getting mobility back on that ankle of yours. You, Beth and Jagan will be going to the Hegemann residence while Sherlock and myself interrogate the only guy left alive from this death group." I turned to walk away and then she said it.

"No!" Dani's reply stopped me dead in my tracks. "What?" I turned around to her incredulous. "I want to go wit you and Foster." she said levelly, looking at me with piercing eyes.

I sighed and sat back down again. "Look Dani, the thing is, I was asked to keep an eye on you but I'd sworn I'd never join SCIT. Your dad waved Beth in front of me like a carrot and pretty much told me she'd die without my help. Right now I believe him more then ever but the thing is, when I first met you I though you were just another Daddy's girl, now I don't. I think of the three newbies, you deserve that badge the most, For the simple reason that you need guts to be in SCIT as well as smarts. And now I'm asking you for a favour, I want you to go with them. No scrap that, I need you to go with Jagan and Beth because to be perfectly honest I don't want my sister alone with him and on top of that I personally believe that of the three of you, in a needs be situation, you're the only one with enough guts to pull the trigger first." She nodded "Ok." I smiled at her and just before I turned to walk away I could have sworn she had started to smile back.

"She's tough as nails." I said as I approached Foster. "Who?" He looked distracted and I grinned at him. "Dani."

He looked me up and down. "Not getting a thing for the young Miss Richards are you?" I punched him in the arm and he laughed. "Sorry man, had to ask."

"So interrogation time me thinks?" I rubbed my hands together in glee and he laughed "You thinks right my friend."


"So let me ask you again, who are you working for?" Foster asked the man sitting opposite us, tied to a chair with his feet in a bucket of water. "I don't know what you're talking about." he stared at the floor as he spoke and I looked beseechingly at Foster as I stood with two cables in my hands. This guy had talked before under my, methods, we now knew that Mrs. Hegemann was securing a deal for her husband, who happened to be head of the ammunitions development factory. The business deal which was never completed, would mean that weapons would not be so easily available to criminals and somebody hadn't wanted that to happen.

"Well then, if you don't want to cooperate with us, I guess I'll just have to let my friend Scarecrow here convince you again." Foster motioned towards me as I stood with the cables, electricity crackling through them, it was the first time he'd given me a name all night.

"Scarecrow?" the man looked up at me suddenly, fear in his eyes. "They never told me The Scarecrow was on the job, I never would have taken it if I'd known. You have to understand. My orders were to kill the two women and take out the third guy, I didn't even know there were five of you on the job."

"So if you don't know, then whoever you're working for doesn't know, it's Richards's own little secret." I grinned manically.

"Don't hurt me, please, I can't take anymore of it" he begged me but I just tilted my head to the side.

"Tell me who you're working for and I'll be kind." I said coldly, stepping forward so I was directly in front of him.

"No I can't." He sobbed. "Have mercy!!"

"Sorry, I'm fresh out." and I electrocuted him for the second time that day.

The End

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