Dani: no time for scared.

I was still in a daze. We'd nearly all died...but something else was scaring me. I'd shot that man without a moment's thought. I'd just wound down the window and shot at him. It was as quick as ABC but it just felt...I'd had to look away in case there had been any blood. The way I had to see it was, it was him or us. And I couldn't sacrifice us, especially not with half of my colleagues sent to "keep an eye on me". Maybe that's why I'd done it: I'm not Daddy's little girl any more. I shoot people.

I was shaking all the same, even if I had hit the target. I think it was mainly all the fighting afterwards. There was still blood on Foster's sleeve...it made me feel faint, and I had to retch a couple of times too: but I didn't want to make a big fuss. It was an irrational fear, it'd go away... Suddenly Jagan jumped from the car, and I was bombarded with orders to get out, which Bethany and I did without hesitation. That's one thing you learn in this line of business: trust your colleagues. Especially in life or death situations. Instinctively I knew it was a bomb, and then I saw him. A man holding up a cell.

'He looks a bit...' I mumbled to myself but was stopped by Jagan's cries:


I ran to a distance and grabbed my gun. Always better to be a reserve than get caught up in the action: you know the phrase "too many cooks". Then I saw him and everything went in slow motion. The finger went down on that button... Sparks started to fly from the car as I yelled 'DUCK DOWN!'. As if anyone needed reminding, but it made me feel like I did know what I was doing.

The car exploded, shrapnel tearing through the air like meteors. We all ducked and shaded our faces as a reflex. I felt my breath catch in my throat as the flames licked around what was left of the vehicle. There came another explosion, smaller this time, and we all slowly stood up. It was then that I noticed my ankle, which had been hit by a tiny piece of burning metal and now bleeding. Just a small trickle, worming its way down my foot and over my shoe. I looked up and muttered, 'I feel a bit...' before falling to the ground.

The End

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