Jagan: I'm Okay, I'm Okay.

I stumbled out of the car, coughing my guts out. I looked around at the smokey area, it was hard to see. I looked back at Bethany who was just laying there, almost as if she was dead, "Bethany." I coughed.

"I'm okay. I'll be okay, what was that?"

"I don't know, but stay in there!" I said, starting to get control of my senses.

I straightened myself out and looked around.

I saw Scarecrow and Foster, looking as though they had seen a ghost.

I felt the same feeling, Why the heck would anyone just come out of hiding to attack us?! Whoever murdered Mrs. Hegemenn really meant business... or did this have to do with Mrs. Heg at all?

I walked over to Scarecrow, "What the crap is going on here?!"

Scarecrow gave me a look that clearly said, "I don't have a freakin clue!"

I stumbled over to Foster who gave me the same look.

I noticed a guy covered in blood, laying on the ground. I pulled out my gun and pointed it at him.

"Jagan, no!" Scarecrow yelled.

I looked at Scarecrow for a moment, "Shut up!"

I walked over to him and just stared, trying to figure out what he was doing.

The man was trying to say something, almost mouthing out the words to me.

I got out a couple words, "Mr. Hegemenn will die at"

I struggled to get the last word.

"Wait, what's you say after at?" I asked, feeling completely delusional.

He mouthed out one last word, "sunset"

I flipped out my gun and pointed it at him, "What are you doing?" I asked, watching as he put his hand up to his neck.

Then I watched in horror as he pressed against one of his nerves, and broke his neck in only one movement.

He died in seconds.

I put away my gun and walked over to Scarecrow, "We have to get security to Mr. Hegemenn, now."

"What the heck is going on here, Jagan!?" Foster yelled.

I turned around and looked at him, "I'll tell you what's happening, we're being targeted by someone who really doesn't like SCIT!"

"Or someone who doesn't want us to find out about Mrs. Hegemenn." Scarecrow cut in. He had a look on his face that said 'I know what I'm doing'

I looked at him for a moment then thought. I finally spoke up, "I don't think so."

"You don't think so? That guy was just telling you Mr. Hegemenn is going to die at sunset, what do you think that tells us?"

"Nothing. All it tells us is that the people who are targeting us, are trying to teach us that we can never solve a case while they're around."

"That's just a theory!" Foster yelled angrily.

"Maybe, but it makes sense." I said calmly.

Scarecrow pushed me. I didn't even move, "What's your problem?"

"Stay away from my sister."

I winced, "What?! Bethany is your-"


"Well...no! Don't tell me to-"

Suddenly, I flew back from the impact of a punch. Scarecrow's punch.

I fell on the ground and looked up at him in total shock.

Scarecrow took a deep breath, "Sorry man. That was out of line." he started to help me up.

"Yeah it was."

Then he did it. He hit me again. I felt back on the ground, hitting my head on the concrete.

Now I was mad.

I jumped up and gave him a nice strong right hook. He flew back and hit the car.

Out of nowhere, Foster came between us and put out his arms.

Scarecrow smacked Foster across the face, as I stepped back and watched.

Foster and Scarecrow suddenly got into a rumble, throwing punches at each other, though I'm not sure if either one of them knew who they were fighting.

I left them to settle this by themselves. I wiped some blood off my mouth, as tons of news vans pulled up.

I motioned for security to take care of it. I got in the car and rested Bethany's head against my shoulder. I sighed, "Oh Bethany..."


My face went white, "Oh... I wasn't...talking to... oh nevermind." I waited for a moment, "You okay?"

"I'm okay, I'm okay." she said.

Dani was just staring at me, white as a sheet of paper.

"You okay?"

"No. We almost got killed, doesn't that scare you?"

"Nope. Not really."

My eyes got wide. I leaped out of the car and crawled under it. I was right. There were at least ten C4 packs covering the bottom of the car.

I rolled out and yelled, "Dani! Bethany! Get out right now!"

They jumped out of the car instantly, when I was getting up I thought, Hey, Bethany was acting all tired when she was resting her head against my shoulder... maybe she really does feel the same way.

I pushed the thought out of my head as I began to run, at the same time, looked around for someone suspicious, considering you'd need to be mighty close to be able to activate C4.

Then I saw him. A guy holding a cell phone.

I motioned at the guy slowly, "FOSTER! SCARECROW! Get him!"

I charged at the man, pulling my gun, "PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE!"

The man looked at me for a moment, then back down at the cell phone and pressed a button.

I looked back at the car just as I saw the sparks beginning to fly.

The End

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