Foster: Traffic Control

Scarecrow had always been a crack shot. Consummate professional, his aim had never ceased to amaze me. I watched the Honda spin off the road in the rear view mirror. I was glad they hadn't caught up with us. Driving wasn't my strongest suit. I checked the rookies. They didn't look like they'd be much help right now. Jagen and Beth both had expressions on their faces of panic. I could understand that. They could cope with a car being blown up in front of them but actually being shot at directly is a bit different. Especially when you're not expecting it, and I don't think either of them were ready for this right now. Their training would kick in eventually and they'd calm down but for now they might as well have been civilian escorts we were defending. What I found surprising was Dani. She was breathing deeply and heavily, textbook for calming the nerves. She had even drawn her own gun and was checking the windows. Well maybe my little speech to her had had a bit of an impact. That or she was a lot tougher than anyone had given her credit for. Maybe she really could look after herself.

"Scarecrow." There was another car tailing us. He wound down the window and readied his weapon. Just as we reached the junction the lights changed and a lorry roared out blocking our way. Rotten luck. I crunched up the gears and screeched around the corner narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic at the intersection. I floored it, knowing that my maneouvres  would have thrown off Scarecrow's aim. I was in the wrong lane. I weaved in and out of the cars, speeding through the streets. I checked in the mirror. Our tail had gone. That made me nervous. They didn't give up that easy unless. Unless the lorry... A trap. Out of nowhere two bikes revved up. Both riders were carrying submachineguns, they didn't have to aim that kind of weapon, just spray in our direction and a bullet would find its way through any open window. I flung the car to the left, smashing into one of the bikes and knocking him down before he had a chance to even pull his trigger. The other biker opened fire, our bulletproof glass cracking into a network of spidery fractures as the bullets impacted. Crow was on the wrong side of the car. He didn't have a shot. I couldn't risk ramming the bike this time, He'd be sure to dodge me and I could end up killing us all running into another car. The biker ran out of ammo. He paused to reload his weapon. Then I got the surprise of my life. Hands shaking, but face set in a grim mask of cold professionalism, Dani wound down her window, pointed her gun and fired. She fired twice, a perfect 'double-tap.' Both bullets thudded into the biker's chest as he leveled his weapon and he was flung backwards to the floor, bouncing along the road, undeniably dead. I reckon that under his helmet he'd've looked pretty surprised. Heck I was surprised. Dani wound the window up and looked at me, shaking still and breathing heavily.

"I told you," she said. "I can look after myself."

Scarecrow glanced at me incredulously. I knew he was thinking exactly what I was thinking. That took guts. That was professional. I was just about to congratulate her when that car that had been tailing us roared out of a sidestreet and slammed into our side. I fought with the vehicle as we span violently out of control. There was screaming, shouting, gunshots, all hell was breaking loose. I couldn't control the car. Damnit! I can't let anyone die on my team! Not again! Both cars mounted the sidewalk and slammed into a wall.

My head was ringing, world spinning. I couldn't hear what the others were saying or if they were saying anything at all. I kicked the door of the car open and collapsed out onto the concrete. I scrambled to my feet in a frenzy as the other car's doors opened. The first guy stumbled out of the vehicle dazed and bloodied. I cracked him in the temple with my palm and he was unconscious before he'd even had time to react to me. Two more guys spilled out of the back of the car and rushed me. One grabbed me around the waist in a tackle. He got a knee in the balls for his effort and dropped like a stone. Not before the other guy punched me in the stomach though. I was winded and blocked a flurry of punches from him as he tried to overwhelm me. I countered him with an elbow to the face. I felt his nose shatter and blood spurted onto my sleeve. I finished him with a punch to the throat, crushing his larynx. The last of our assailants tumbled out of the passenger door and fled, running as fast as he could away from me. I pulled out my pistol and took a relaxed side on stance. I held the weapon with both hands, left side towards my target. I lined up the three dots on my sight with his head and squeezed the trigger. I watched him go down. The dart I'd fired at him would pump enough sedative to put out a bear straight into his brain. He wouldn't wake up for a while. We could take him for interrogation later. My heart slowed as my combat high faded, I turned around suddenly worried. What about the guys? I hoped to God they were okay. Please God let them all be okay.

The End

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