Scarecrow: Gunfire

Indeed he was right, they were harmless. We flew through the airport and hurried outside. I followed Foster, scanning the area as I went. We climbed into the waiting car and the field Sargent waved us off. I was vaguely aware of the three others sitting behind us chatting but I didn't pay much attention to them. That is, not until a flash of movement caught the corner of my eye as I looked in the mirror.

"Sherlock break left." I shouted as a red honda civic came up fast behind us.  He spun the wheel and I pulled out my Firestar and rolled down the window to take aim at the wheels of the other car. I had barely got the window down and stuck my head out when suddenly there was a ping as a bullet bounced off the metal beside me and I dragged my body back inside the car. A rain of bullets smashed into the car but the glass held fast. Bulletproof glass, bulletproof glass... man you gotta love it when it's saving your ass!

Foster done a dodgy U turn and we headed back towards the airport and the security group there. I silently agreed with his decision. There was no way we were getting out of this mess without backup, no matter how good a shot Sherlock and I were, without the proper weapons we were sitting ducks.

I looked at the three in the back and saw that Beth had grabbed Jagan's hand and was squeezing it in wide eyed terror. She looked at me and I softened for a second "Don't worry baby B, I'll get you out of this alive." then I blinked and my expression hardened again "I just don't want to get blamed for anyone dying on my watch."

Dani had wedged herself as far as she could into the corner between Beth and the door. Her face was white and scared but I saw something in her eyes that reminded me of myself. Determination and the look of raw survival instinct.

She looked startled as I flashed her an encouraging smile before turning back to scan behind us. The honda was still on our tail, Sherlock was just keeping them far enough behind us that they couldn't get a proper shot out, he was also doing the old weaving maneuver. Jagan looked like he was going to puke.

I laughed a laugh full of adrenaline and stuck my head back out the window and I decided to take out the wheels of the honda. I didn't want to kill anyone today. I narrowed my gaze as bullets flew past me, they'd caught up a bit now and they didn't care about aim anymore, they just shot blind, hoping to get lucky. Taking careful aim I squeezed the trigger and bam, the front tire went, a second shot and both front tires were gone. Sherlock seemed full of energy as I slid back into the car and checked my gun. Two shots fired, two shots bang on target. I never waste ammo.

"I see you're still quite the sharpshooter Scarecrow." Foster grinned, keeping the pedal pressed firmly to the floor he sped back to the airport. "Even still, I'm going to demand an escort to this place."

I turned around and looked at Dani. "From that look in your eye, I guess I'm gonna have to teach you how to shoot." she still looked shocked as I grinned happily to myself. Nothing like a good bit of gunfire to wake you up.

"Scarecrow." Foster's voice cut through my thoughts and something in his tone made me glance out the window quickly. There was another car tailing us, this one was being more discreet, only it wasn't being discreet enough. "It's not over till the fat lady sings." he said quietly. "And no matter how many starting notes I think I hear, that doesn't seem likely to happen right now"

I pulled the safety on my gun as I rolled the window down and casually rested my arm out it. "She'll sing, she's just clearing her throat." my fingers tighten around the Firestar and I wonder how many time's I'll have to use it in the next few hours.

The End

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