Scarecrow: Questions

So Foster gave Dani a nice little talk and she trotted off happily. She didn't seem as bad as I'd heard but I was still too angry with Beth to think about things like that.

Foster touched my arm briefly and nodded towards the others. "You need to keep a clear head if we're gonna drag the rookies through this." he said quietly.

I grunted in agreement. "Should never have put rookies on a case like this." was all I said before I lent back in the chair and decided to sleep for a bit.

I was woken up by Dani a short while later and I scared the crap out of her. She had put a hand on my shoulder to try and shake me awake and my reflexes had kicked off so fast that I didn't have time to realise who she was before I had my hand around her throat and the other reaching for my gun.

I let go of her fast once I realised what I was doing. "Sorry." I muttered embarrassed as she rubbed her neck "Reflexes."

She nodded and sat down beside me. "The plane will land soon I think." She started. "Mmmh.." I agreed, still embarrassed but trying not to show it. "I eh... ok I just thought... em.. nevermind." She got up and walked away, her hand still at her neck.

I looked over at Foster who was looking at me in amusement. "Am I that intimidating?" I demanded but he just laughed. "That speed, even after six years you still have the reflexes you had when you were 19. And yes, you are intimidating, hence the 'Scare' in Scarecrow." I grinned at him. "Damn straight."

The laptop Dani gave me to read the brief beeped and I flipped it open to see we've received an email. I look at the sender and see it's a fakemail. Untraceable email comes up beside it and I motion to Foster to come over as I open it. My blood runs cold as I look at the pictures in the document. "Relax Scarecrow, they're just trying to get us worked up. We'll just have to up security levels to the maximum." Foster puts his hand on my shoulder as I struggle to control the rage inside me. "They don't know that either of us are on the case." I spat. "They think it's just the three of them. We have the upper hand here Sherlock." He shook his head as he looked at the photograph "So what? They threaten SCIT members? Stalk them?" I point a finger first at the photograph of Beth sleeping, taken in her room, in her house, while she slept and then at the one of Jagan tangled up in his bedclothes. "That's not a threat... it's a warning."

The laptop beeps again and I get another email, this time there's only one picture, and three sentences to accompany it. The picture was of Dani and it was taken from somewhere inside her room, under the bed or in the wardrobe maybe? She was sitting curled up on her bed anyway, reading a book.

Watch where you stick your noses kiddies. Playing with fire gets you burned. I suggest you quit while you're ahead.

Foster sat back, his face pale. "Last time something like this happened..." he trailed off and I knew what he was thinking. "Somebody got killed" I said bluntly. "And you left because of it, short time after I joined the field branch and earned my first medal."

He ignored me and picked up his newspaper. "I think we should tell the others about this. Keep them on their guard."

I nodded. That was Foster talk for "Shutup and drop it kid."

The End

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