Dani: a burst of rage.

I should've known. I really should have seen it coming but I must have been naive. Thinking that Dad wouldn't send his cronies to check up on me. Make sure poppet isn't hurt or overwhelmed. I just wasn't expecting him to get an old work colleague in...that Foster Lewis. That had to be the last straw. I ran to the toilet cubicle and started pressing buttons on my phone frustratedly. I knew this wasn't strictly allowed but right now it didn't matter. How could he?

A maid answered the phone. 'Richards residence, who may I ask is speaking?'

'Is Dad there?' I knew I sounded like a spoiled brat but to be honest I didn't care. He had gone out of line. I had no idea what I was going to say to him. Probably nothing because I never liked arguing with my father. I don't like fighting with a low chance of success.

'I'm afraid not, Miss Richards. Should I take a message?'

'Yeh. Ermm...' I hesitated, but then the anger inside me took over once more. 'Tell him if he thinks he can send along babysitters to spy on me he's wrong. I can look after myself perfectly fine and I'm not three years old any more! I'm twenty one and I....I...' I ended the call before I said anything drastic. I'd lost another battle. But somehow that litte outburst of rage seemed to calm me down.

I stepped out of the door to see Bethany and Scarecrow talking in a less than civil manner. Unfortunately I heard most of it too. Scarecrow stood up and I didn't step back in time. I mumbled an apology and tried to make conversation, 'Hey, are you...'

'Watch where you're going Princess.' he snapped at me, skulking off. I felt the anger surging inside me again. So Dad had hired two of them. This was really helping my confidence. I walked in a slight angry daze and slumped next to Foster again.

'Does he really think that little of me?'

The End

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