Foster: Back in the Saddle

I took a glass of wine at the back of the plane. Been a while since I'd tasted the upper class alcohol. Then again Harry said it was all paid for so it wasn't my problem. Besides, this was probably going to be my last drink for a while. I used to make a point of never drinking when on the job and old habits die hard I suppose.

My mind back on the job I started to assess my younger colleagues. The guy I'd met on the way up looked competent. Or competent enough. I could tell from the way he spoke and the way he looked at me that he knew what he was doing. Just that he might have something else on his mind right now. Something like that girl sitting next to him. Ah nostalgia is a terrible thing sometimes. A wry smile creased my face as I mused at how much he reminded me of me.

The girl was very pretty but looked experienced. The way she carried herself showed confidence and intellect but I had a feeling she might struggle under pressure. I guessed that all action wasn't her thing.

Sipping my drink I glanced across the aisle and nodded at the guy across from me. He had sharp eyes and dark hair. I could've sworn I recognised him from somewhere. Then it clicked. I sidled over to him and sat down.

"Scarecrow, well I'll be damned. Don't tell me you're wrapped up in this too?"

"You look sh*t," was all he said. Oh Scarecrow I'd missed that brutal sense of humour.
"Haven't heard about you in a long time, I thought you took an early retirement old man?"

 I told him the story of Harry corralling me into this thing.
"Yeah Harry waved the possibility of Beth dying in my face"

Beth? I couldn't believe it. That was Beth?? Wow I must've missed a trick somewhere. But me and Scarecrow went way back so I knew we shouldn't push the matter. I just shut up and dropped it.

"Hey don't I know you?"

The youngest bounced over to me. This must be Dani.  She had grown a lot since I'd last seen her but still had that youthful innocence of those yet to experience the true essence of this line of work.

"You remember me?"

"Yeah, aren't you that guy who used to work with my Dad?" She was eyeing me with a certain suspicious look. I think I knew what was coming.

"Did he put you up to babysit me?" Her glare was piercing and frigid. I laughed a little at how perceptive she was. Like father like daughter.

"Well they say you can read anyone by the expression on there face so there's no point lying to you. Yes your father called me to this team to keep you and the other newbies in check."

"I knew it. For God's sake, I'm not a kid anymore. I don't need a handler!" Her rage was directed at her father but unfortunately I was receiving the brunt of it. Well she was fierce alright. She stormed off muttering to herself. I reckoned she'd come back and chat with me some more later. If she was anything like her father she'd give me a bit of a grilling then settle down.

So if I summed up my team I'd say they were... Idiosyncratic. I wondered how many of them were analysing the rest of us. Chances were I was the only one. When perception is one of the key skills of detective work if you can't read your own team you have a big problem. Evidently these guys all had issues on their minds right now. This was gonna be harder than I'd thought...

The End

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