Scarecrow: Old friend?

I arrived at the airport in time to see Beth throw herself at some guy. I assumed he was one of the team I'd be 'looking after'. I walked past them to hear her say something about being less formal. Great pick up line Beth, jeeze you're rusty.

"Right, we're a family now." I said walking past them "Are you going to walk out on this one too?" I look at her pointedly and she goes white as a sheet.

 "Who the heck is-" the guy started to say and I spun around to face him "West, Scarecrow West."

"Cover, Jagan Cover." he laughed shaking my hand. It didn't take a genius to see he was trying to take the mick. I decided to retaliate with my usual coolness.

"Oh so you're the one who almost got blown up?" his smile faltered but stayed there. His personality seemed to be similar to that of teflon. Non stick.

Bethany stepped forward, "Scarecrow what are you doing here?"

"None of your business." I snapped at her. Yes I lied to myself again, I thought I was calm but I'm still angry, she hurt my feelings big time when she pretty much disowned me in the hospital. Because of her Dad and Mom didn't really talk to me anymore either. Now Marissa had left me too. Some family I had.

I boarded the plane and sat down near the two of them. Beth had fallen coming up the steps and I laughed to myself. It might have been an accident but it had sure worked to her advantage. Jagan decided to try and talk to me but I cut him off rudely and moved seats.

As I settled down to read I glanced across the aisle and saw Foster Lewis sitting not five feet away from me with a drink in his hand. He caught my eye and nodded politely before his eyes widened in recognition. He got to his feet and silently moved to the seat beside me. "Scarecrow, well I'll be damned. Don't tell me you're wrapped up in this too?" I looked him up and down. "You look like sh*t." is all I said

He laughed and slapped me on the shoulder as I grinned back at him. "Haven't heard about you in a long time, I thought you took an early retirement old man?"

He shook his head and nodded towards Beth and Jagan. "I'm supposed to be looking after this group plus one more." he looked angry suddenly. "Harry called in what he likes to think of as a favour." was all he said.

I nodded, "Yeah Harry waved the possibility of Beth dying in my face." Foster whistled through his teeth. "That's little Beth?" he pointed towards where she sat and I nodded and my expression froze a little. "Yep. Little Beth that hasn't spoken to me in nearly 3 years over the Omega incident."

"Well I'll be damned." he sat back and opened a newspaper. I grinned and remembered why the two of us got along so well. We both knew when to shutup and drop it.

The End

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