Jagan: Great, who now?!?!

I heard the engines about to roar, but then just...stopped.

I heard someone running up the stairs, "Great, who now?!"

A man ran into the plane, "Sorry I'm late!" he yelled. He almost dove right into the seat next to me.

"Foster Lewis." he said, shaking my hand.

I nodded at him. He was tired, very tired.

"And late." he said, noticing my speculation.

It was great, everyone here were mind readers. I guess they had to be.

Foster Lewis looked at the back and saw some drinks, "I think I'll sit back there."

I nodded to him, almost chuckling as he stumbled out of his seat and made his way to the back.


Once the plane got into the air, things got very quiet. Very. No one spoke. Well, not until the captain said it was safe to undo the seatbelt.

Dani worked her way into the seat next to mine and said, "I was getting bored sitting by myself."

I laughed, "Things definitely are boring around here."

Dani smiled, "Not so boring for you. Almost having your car explode with you in it!"

"True." I said, going into thought.

Dani looked over at Foster, "Hey I know that guy!" she said to herself.

I ignored it and pulled out a book to read.

Dani stood up and made her way to the back.

I sighed, "No one wants to sit with me."

Suddenly, Bethany fell into the seat next to mine.

"Please tell me you're going to stay." I laughed.

"Yes, that's the plan at least."

I smiled. I took a moment to examine her. She was wearing perfume, very nice perfume. I really liked how her hair was, long and wavy.

She noticed I was checking her out and blushed.

"You sure blush a lot." I blurted out. I threw my hand over my mouth, realizing what I had just said.

Bethany went into an explosion of laughter, she started hitting the arm rest and slamming her head against the chair in glee.

I slowly started laughing with her, not quite sure what was so funny.

"I do don't I?" she said, finally getting control of herself.

"Well, I didn't mean-"

"It's okay I'm not offended."

I looked into her eyes for a moment and almost got lost in them. I started to lean, and so did she. I slowly puckered my lips, but something stopped her. She said, "Hey, do we have any more members coming?"

I leaned back into my chair, disappointed, "Well, yes. One should be meeting us in Michigan when we land, but we'll see."

I sighed to myself and picked up my book, Yeah right. Like Bethany West would want to kiss me.

The End

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