Bethany: Attempted Murder For Sure

I swear when Jagan squeezed my hand a bolt of electricity surged through me. But then, I was already unsettled to put it mildly.

What in the world was that? As soon as I was able to comprehend what had just happened, it dawned on me: someone had just tried to kill Jagan.

I've been around plenty of murder scenes, but never when the murder was attempted-- and especially not attempted on someone I know.

I was still shaking when we hurried into the car Jagan called for. We didn't know who fired the rocket launcher, and whether or not they were still around.

Man, I wish now that I'd brought my gun! But then, I'm not a full-fledged cop anymore, but more of a Criminal Psycologist for SCIT, so I never really think about my sidearm so much. I'll be sure to keep it on me from now on.

If one member of the team is a target, then we all are.

Jagan looked over at me across the backseat. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it again. "You alright?"

I jumped at the contact. "What? Oh, uh, yeah. I'm fine. You?"

He looked down at his feet, still holding my hand. Smiling he said mournfully, "I loved that car."

I chuckled and squeezed his hand back. "You can always get a new car, but if you hadn't got back out of it, you'd have gone up in flames. You can't get a new you. But then, if you were dead, it wouldn't matter... To you I mean, for everyone else, like we'd miss you and stuff..."

AH! Can I not say SOMETHING right?! He patted my hand with his other one, and then broke off. He stared out the window. "That was pretty close, wasn't it?"

"Too close, I'd say..." I answered, looking out my window at the passing early-morning scenery. We were heading back to Headquarters in the back of this Police Car. To anyone else we'd look like a couple of convicts. I giggled out loud at the thought. Jagan looked questioningly at me, but I jumped into a different subject lest I start stuttering and tripping over my words. "So, before it exploded, you called me back. What did you want to say to me?"

"Oh, yeah. I was wondering... if... uh, if you..." He wrung his hands. My hopes rose only up only to be dashed again when he finished: "if you knew if she had any other family members."

I am so foolish. Yeah, like he'd be asking me out. Come on. Just see it as a colleague relationship and let it stay that way, girl. Don't get your hopes up with this guy, he's way out of your league. I took a deep breath, trying to hide my disappointment. "Well, close family: a sister back home in Michigan, and a daughter in college out in California."

"Well, then it looks like we've got a lot of ground to cover."




When we got back to HQ, boss was waiting for us. 

"Hey, you two!" He surveyed us, battered from the explosion. "What happened? You look like--"

"Rocket launcher," said Jagan.

"Car blew up," I said.


"Mine," Jagan sighed with regret.

"But mine's probably ruined from the shrapnel," I chimed in. I felt bad for it the instant I'd said it. Jagan loved his car, I could tell. My old Honda had it coming.

"Well, I think we can find you both some transportation of some kind. Borrow the PD's vehicle or something. Speaking of transportation, I want you both and Dani to go to Michigan; talk to Mr. Heg, find out whatever you can. Get some leads."

"Exactly what we were planning, Boss."

"Good. Your tickets are bought, and your plane leaves this afternoon. But for now, I want you two to get home, get some sleep, so you can get back out there."


The End

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