Dani: whu-

I looked behind me, twisting the seatbelt to try and sneak a glimpse of what had just happened. I strained my neck trying to make out any figures. 'Did you see that? Is anyone hurt?'

The driver went on, as if none of this concerned him. 'I doubt anyone is hurt. They seemed agile enough.'

I looked at him in mild disgust (not complete disgust because at the end of the day the guy was giving me a lift home). How could he talk so nonchalantly about something like that? As if in answer to my thoughts, he shrugged and said 'You'll get used to it. I drove your father to these type of things' waving his hand back to the crime scene as if it were a casual gathering of friends. 'and trust me, this isn't new material.'

I looked out of the window with what felt like bewilderment plastered over my face. This isn't what they taught people at university. They'd show how to identify a hidden bomb, how to see basic forensic tips, all that stuff. But never any of the real life goings on. No threats on your life. Because that's what that car bomb was. Somebody wanted to kill Jagan West. But we didn't even have any leads yet... I put my hands through my hair, something I often did out of frustration or confusion.

This wasn't just going to be a textbook case.

The End

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