Jagan: Just Warming Up

"She's been here for about four hours." I said, bending over and sniffing her, "She was discovered by a truck driver, yes?"

Bethany smiled, "Yes of course."

"Hmm... let's see... shot in the back twice, right?"

"Yes." Bethany giggled, obviously impressed by my intellect.

That was the plan though. Showing off my skills of observation was just one of my many ways to get a girl to notice me.

Though Bethany seemed to have some words of her own that she needed to say, "You have something to say, Agent West?"

She nodded, "The woman, Mrs. Heg we call her, was in New York for strict business. So it wasn't like it was just another stroll in the streets."

"You think it had something to do with her job?"

"A possibility," Dani said. She hadn't talked much,  at all, I think she was kind of nervous. Though, I can't blame her, this was her first mission. Mine too, but I didn't feel quite as nervous, I had experience in detective work. She continued, "did she have a husband?"

"Yes. He lives in Michigan." Bethany stated, sounding slightly puzzled.

"Interesting, so she must have been on a business trip?" I asked.


Dani scratched her chin, "Hmm... we should go see him."

"Tomorrow." I said, yawning, "I need my beauty sleep."

Bethany laughed, "Really? Doesn't look like you need it."

I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face.

Bethany, realizing what she had said, blushed, "Well, I mean-"

Dani, kindly changing the subject, quickly said, "Hey guys, I'm really tired. We can worry about this tomorrow, let's let forensics handle the rest here."

"Agreed." Bethany and I said in unison.

We all turned and got into separate cars.

I sat there for a moment, Wait a second. I need to know if she had any other family members. I got out of the car, "Hey Bethany." I called.

Bethany turned, "Yes?" she walked over towards me.

"Do you know if Mrs. Heg-"

I never got to finish my sentence.

There was a whistling sound, for a split second. Suddenly, I heard a loud explosion. I turned to see my car fly at least thirty feet in the air.

"GET DOWN!" I yelled, tackling Bethany and shielding her with my body.

The car landed only a couple feet away from me, and skidded across the ground.

It was on fire.

"Bethany come on!" I said, pulling her up. The forensic scientists were looking all over, in complete shock.

Bethany didn't say anything, she just took my hand. I put her against a wall, "Just breathe, it'll be okay."

She nodded, still in shock.

I turned to look at the car, the gasoline hadn't exploded yet. I ran towards the scientists and Dani's SUV, "Guys get out of the way!!" I screamed desperately.

They immediately obeyed.

Dani's SUV took off, and the forensic scientists had almost jumped out of their pants running away.

I ran towards Bethany and yelled for her to put down her head.

The car exploded once more, but it didn't get much air.

Shrapnel went everywhere, but luckily no one got hurt.

I stood there for a second, just staring at what was left of my car, "Aww man..."

I looked around, trying to figure out how my car had just randomly exploded.

I looked at my car again, "Someone shot it with a freakin rocket launcher!" I yelled.

I kicked the wall, "DANG! I loved that car!"

Bethany just sat there, breathing really hard.

"You okay Bethany?" I asked, suddenly realizing the shock she was in.

She slowly nodded, "I-I think so."

I took her hand and squeezed it, "It'll be okay." I flipped out my phone and dialed HQ.


"We're going to need a ride."

The End

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