The Newest Member...

I should have known that it was Dani. The nice SUV is one her father probably provided.

Her father, Harold Richards, is one of the founders of SCIT (And one of the richest men in the state.). He was the one that introduced me to Dani. She's been through pretty much the same training as the rest of us, only she is way younger. MAYBE 21. Perhaps not even that old.

When I met Danielle, I had thought it was strange that I'd been invited to the Richards' house. It was a first, and with Harold (though when speaking to him it's: "Mr. Richards" or "Boss."), pretty much being my boss, there was no way that I could decline such a "beckoning."

If Harold had ever wanted to get a hold of me, he would just call my cell, and occasionally he'd be there at the scene, but never had I been called to his home.

A young woman, whom I guessed to be one of the maids, had answered the door, and lead me into a lavishly decorated room just off the foyer. It was probably called a "drawing room" or a similar term used for such a mansion. Harold was waiting for me, and after short niceties, and a glass of brandy for him, he called for his daughter. Danielle.

She was obviously a spoiled brat, but she didn't really seem to like it much. I could tell she had smarts, a good head about her, and talent.

Although most viewed her admittance into SCIT as favoritism, I knew it wasn't just because of her father. He wouldn't have considered letting her in if she wouldn't be an asset to the team.

I'd decided to take her under my wing a bit. You know, she's only a kid. But so far she's showed that she can take care of herself. But this being her first official SCIT case, I guess we'll just have to see.

I could see her bristle at the sight of the dead woman's body. I'm pretty much jaded at this point, and it has to be something "out there" to surprise me, but again, this is Dani's first with us.

I gave her a reassuring smile.

She offered her hand to Jagan. "Hi, Danielle Richards. Nice to be on the force."

"It's nice to have you Miss Richards," He replied. He recognized the last name.

"Please," she almost grimaced. She knew he was being extra polite for her father's sake. "J-just Dani."

"Okay--Dani." They broke the handshake. I noticed a petite blush start to bloom across her cheeks. She thought Jagan was handsome! Well, I mean, of course he was. Jagan didn't pick up on it, but I was a bit older and more experienced in matters of the heart than Dani. I can sense a giddy girl a mile away, having been one many times. I chuckled inside. Still just a kid.

Dani turned toward me, smiling, all rich manners, her hand still stuck out. "Nice to see you again, Bethany."

"Yeah, great to see you too, Dani." I turned to business. We couldn't be standing here all night exchanging pleasantries. "Well, guys, I don't think that anyone else is going to show up anytime soon, so how about getting started?"


The End

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