Jagan Cover

I yawned. What a night it had been. After hours and hours of meetings, I finally get home to go to bed, and I get a call from my boss. Great.

Why on earth did I join SCIT? I already have too much to do, I thought to myself as I stepped out of my car.

A man in a blue overcoat approached me. "Hello. You must be Jagan Cover."

"I am," I said, my grumpiness twisting my tone. "And you are?"

"Officer Nick-"

"You're not a SCIT member, what are you doing here?" I asked in a very irritated tone. 

"I was told to come here and-"

"Monitor the investigation?" I asked.

He nodded sheepishly.

I ignored him then walked down to the crime scene. There on the ground laid a dead woman. Dry blood splattered all over her back.

I bent down and examined the body. Bullet wounds on her back. She was wearing a fancy dress, most likely was wealthy. Her purse was still in hand, so I didn't believe it was a theft. Now only one question remained. Why is this murder so special? After all, I was a member of the Special Crimes Investigation Team. This crime seemed a little too typical. What was I missing? "It's not a theft," I began. Unfortunately, I never got to finish.

"Excuse me," a pretty sounding voice said.

I turned around. The voice was almost as beautiful as its beholder. A woman with long black hair stood confidently in front of me. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as we made eye contact, and I felt my blood pressure rise tremendously. I swallowed my blush before it became noticeable.

"We aren't starting the investigation till the rest of the SCIT members get here," she said with a smile. "So, if it's possible, could you save all of those findings until then?" she asked in a very sweet tone.

I smiled and nodded. "Of course," I said, putting out my hand. "Jagan Cover."

She shook it. "Bethany West."

The End

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