SCIT #1: Pushing up Daisies

The Special Crimes Investigation Team (SCIT) is a team of experienced detectives put up against difficult cases. This is the first episode to a crime investigation series I want to start.

She stepped out into the cold air. Her perfume embraced the putrid smell of the dumpsters and turned them into something much less repulsive.

She felt as though her life was perfect, as she walked out towards her car.

The day looked bright, despite her dark surroundings.

The night air felt nice. Very nice.

She approached her car and opened the door.

But then, she heard the sound of a gun being cocked.

Her heartbeat began to gain speed as she slowly turned around.

She hadn't even finished turning, when she heard a gunshot. In that instant she felt a pain in her back.

Then everything went black...

Mrs. Hegemann laid on the ground, her back covered in blood.

And the murderer just stared at her with utter content.

The End

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