Scibblings of many

This is a place to write anything, nothing has to be connected, nothing is expected of anything .But hey if you want there to be a point to this then how about this. You as a reader have to string the whole thing together even though the writer, or writers have to make it the least bit related but ever so slightly related. Okay i lied a little but really i have no expectations.

"Your no match!" Screamed a women's voice as a small man ran up to a man about two and half his hieght and size.

"like that's gonna stop him." Sneered a youth standing beside the women.

The giant who stood unafraid and grunted as he threw a earth shattering punch, at the smaller man who stepped aside but still took the blow. He was sent through the air as the bigger man's fist collided with the yellow stone ground. Causing it to crack and crate up to five meters from where the man had punched. The smaller man hit the ground and bounced to the feet of the women and youth, he spat out a great deal of blood and held his side.

"Jorin!" The women cried out.

" Your an idiot, you were obviously gonna fail."

He groaned as he got himself up with his left arm as his right arm nursed his left which was also bleeding," I don't care what he is! what he is doing is wrong, I would rather die now, then let him, and his people come in and bring us to our knees, and make us suffer! I would rather die a hero then a coward!"  He stood up his right hand beginning to give a green glow.  The blood stopped running, and disgusting crack could be heard as his ribs had somehow popped into place. The women gasped.

"Your one of them to?"

"Pfft." The youth spat," You didn't notice at all Salen?  The miracles are because of him. The Zero's aren't all evil."Jorin, nodded a little dismayed to reveal this information to Salen.

"Salen, go back, and go, this man is only a scout, more will be here shortly. Cover your tracks, and don't ever look back. If things turn out the way I planned you will meet another man who also is a Zero, he will do his best to help you get to the emperor. Now go. Seal what are you doing?" Jorin said his body begining to change as a light green glow began to surround him, and his body structure began to change as blood vessels began to bulge along with his muscles.

"I will stick around a bit, but I'm not helping you. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. Can't be picking favourites Jorin." The youth responded.

"Thought as much." Jorin grumbled," Alright Salen go now!" 

Jorin then got down all fours and faster then a blink  he was beside the bigger man, and had aimed a kick to his stomach.  The bigger man was to slow to react and he slid a meter and bit back, looking a bit astonished. Jorin got back on to his feet.

"Its obvious your strength type, and you obviously whoever sent you here know that I am here. But to actually see a strength type that has scouting abilities means...."

Jorin couldn't complete his ramblings as the bigger man sped towards him, with another punch but this time his fist was faster, and it seemed his massive weight was no longer detrimental. Still Jorin was much faster as he appeared behind the bigger man.

"Battering strike!" He yelled the green glow surrounding him turning a brilliant orange as he punched  twice each second for a burst of ten seconds. The bigger man was now knocked to the ground but it still appeared that he was in little pain.  Jorin then leaped into the air, his green glow turning orange again.

"Deadly flight!"  The orange began to glow as talon shapes formed below Jorins feet.

Wings began to form but the wings emerged from Jorin's back, the talons gripped onto the bigger man cutting into flesh as  Jorin flew up, and tightened his grip on the bigger man who was resisting. He also began to release an orange glow, but from what Seal could make out it was to late for him. Jorin threw the man higher into the and speedily rushed upwards hitting the man directly in the chest, with such force the air below join compressed down picking up a large mass of sand off the ground.

The bigger man couldn't possibly retaliate, under this barrage of attacks. Jorin broke off the attack and attempted to bash the bigger man downwards, but was interrupted  as the bigger man caught his foot and swung him with great speed towards the ground. Jorin hit the ground with a huge shattering noise, and picked up a huge amount of sand from the blow. The bigger man did a little better  but still took a fair bit of damage from the fall. As the sand began to clear it,and the silhouettes stood ten meters apart.  However Jorrin was no longer glowing, and was rocking back and forth on his feet. The bigger man was no longer glowing, and appeared to have a broken collar bone seeing that part of it was sticking out of his shoulder.

"I expected more from a feared Zero as yourself Jorin Felice." The bigger man commented.

"Most would, but I'm not feared or respected because of my fighting ability. I'm feared because of my sharp intelligence, and not wasting to many moves, or time." Jorin said his voice sounding weak, and he was struggling to breath," Anyways I think that was my line." 

He said as he brought his hand up and a golden glow shot out revealing runes all over the bigger man. The man began to scream in pain," Ambush of the sun!" Jorin said as he and the man collapsed to the ground Jorin dying before he even hit the ground. Seal turned around a look of pain crossing his face.

" Jorin you have changed so very much since I first met you at the shops. When you just served yourself, and quenched your love for killing. I had never imagined you dying to save anyone, especially humans. For that Jorin, I forgive you." Seal said before he watched a group of men dressed in silver representing Zero organization walk into Jorin's trap which called forth a permanent storm of fire consuming only a fraction of the Zero army.

The End

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