School Days


"I have confidence in sunshine... I have confidence in rain..." I hummed to myself, strolling down the main hall.  The linoleum clicked under my sneakers, black converse. I grinned at the staring freshman, knowing what they were thinking; thats the student body vice president.

Yep, I'm the vice prez of Bally high, and to be honest, I had more power than the rest of them all put together. Prom this year, 'da bomb' so they say. But if I told you more than that, I'd have to kill you. I waved at the freshman, poor things, they couldnt go.

"Jack, Jack!" A girl ran up to me, holding a massive binder under one arm. Get a backpack, girl. "Jack, will you um, go to homecoming with me." She stuttered. Behind her, her friends giggled, and I smiled.

"Sorry ladies, I'm afraid I'm not sure if I'm going to homecoming this year." I turned her down politely, and kept walking to my own tune.

Upon reaching the history classroom (US History) I opened the door and promptly ran into someone.

"Sorry, I didnt see you there." I apologized.

"Its okay," The girl said. "No one ever does." She pushed her thick rimmed glasses up her nose and went to sit down. I followed her, choosing the empty desk next to her.

"So, I heard this class is gonna be a complete snooze." I said, trying to strike up a conversation.

"I dunno, I like history." She replied with a shrug. "I heard this teacher is awesome, and completely insane!" She added excitedly.

"Cool." I said, relaxing a little in my chair, leaning back slightly onto its back legs.

Three more girls walked in, Rebecca and Fleur, cheerleaders and both annoying, and the new girl, Rowan, whom everyone was talking about. Dropping my backpack beneath my desk, I went over and greeted her.

"Hi, my name is Jack Simmons, student body vice prez, welcome to our school, and to US History. I hope you're up to speed on the general facts because this class is intense."

The End

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