Apoligy to faculty and students

To all members of faculty and the student body.

As a result of the numerous detentions and talks to the school counsellour I have been asked to apologise to all who attended the full school assembly yesterday for the disruption I have caused.

I now realise that eating the school principal on stage, in front of all preasant was the wrong way to go about my protest to allow religon (Specifically christmas traditions) into the school.

Thanks to talks to those in an adult position I now realise subjecting those with weaker stomachs, specifically children, to sutch a horrifying sight is most certainly the wron thing.

Also, as the principal was the one to make the amendments. I find that this form of protest was in fact ineffective.

Please accept my most humble apologies to the students, faculty, and most importantly to this man's wife (if she ever comes back from her holiday in Fiji).


Harriet S Xavier
House of Patterson

The End

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