New Policy on eating other students

We will be having another anti-biting assembly today at lunch, all Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Demons are all expected to attend. 

Please do not eat any more human students, failure to comply with the school's new eating restrictions will be expelled immediately!

Should another student be eaten, then we will be forced to segregate the school.

Eating Restrictions:

  • You may not eat, bite, drink, vaporise or in any way consume any student in the school.
  • You may not kidnap students of the school then bring them in as your own personal snack, any students found doing this may have charges pressed against them. 
  • You can drink, eat and consume blood/flesh that has been donated by human students of the school, you may not collect these donations yourself, they will be harvested by a trained professional. 
Final Note: Should you find any lost body parts please return them to their rightful owners, if you don't know who they belong to, please hand it in at the front office. 
Thank you, from all of the faculty here at CHS
The End

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