Angel's turn

Just visible behind a huge, faded poster of a basket of kittens was a door. As the poster was ripped away, it revealed the mahogany door completely. The door had no handle, just a keyhole. Thankfully it was so old that it was easily forced open.

The door lead into an en-suite bathroom. There was a bath, toilet and a sink with a mirror over it. The mirror was swinging open to reveal a cupboard. Little glass jars of powder and eyeshadow were spilt all over the interior of the cupboard, the glass smashed as if it had been broken in a frantic, furious search for something.

The inside of the white enamel sink was slightly tinted pink-red, as if someone had stained their hands with something red, washed them and forgotten to clean the sink.

The bath had ornate silver taps, slightly rusty and stiff.

What lay inside the bath was truly revolting.

The mangled corpse of young girl, body skeletal and still stained with brown-red, her long black hair dead and dull, her skin just beginning to rot...

The End

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