Ruling Demons

Queen of Scaryland

The Queen of Scaryland is a selfish, lazy being that rules Scaryland but doesn't do much at all. Mostly she hybernates, then throws temper tantrums when awake and demands gifts and favors. None of the inhabitants really care for her, but since she is mostly out of the way she is usually easily ignored.


Pil is the actual ruler of Scaryland, far more evil than any of its inhabitants including the Queen. He doesn't come around much and doesn't show his face, so no one knows much about him but they all fear him. At least they are accustomed to the fear, but perhaps with further examination new discoveries will be made. 


Phil works for Pil and the Queen, but doesn't really seem to harbor much evil himself. More of a weakling that got caught up in the game, with no higher purpose than to serve. Not much is known about this character, but more may be revealed later.  

The End

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