Paradox and the Demons Within

Not The Broomstick

Not The Broomstick is a strange entity, an existence with no consistency except to be inconsistent and confuse others. He sees existence mostly as a comedy, his surroundings an oppurtunity to create chaos through humor that others fail to see. He is a shapeshifter, often percieved as a troublemaker and a fool. Others fail to see the wisdom he contains, but he is content seeing through his eyes and being the only one, sharing inside jokes with himself laughing at tragedy and never feeling the pain.


Gotim is like NTB’s jaded brother, with the same objective to cause chaos but his humor has a sadistic twist. He too is a shapeshifter, but prefers to take on sinister shapes and expose others to the darker side of existence. He likes to push boundaries, and feels no remorse when the results are detrimental. 


Khayos is much like Gotim in female form, which she uses to her advantage because people tend to underestimate her. It doesn't bother her because she actually chose it, so she laughs at peoples' perception knowing she could never truly be contained by gender. She fancies herself more evil and twisted than Gotim, something they contest over.  

The End

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