Myriad of Characters


Venom is a mysterious entity that prefers silence over his own voice, so he rarely speaks. He is a loner that likes to keep his thoughts safely tucked in with his emotions. Still he is not robotic, but has an air of sadness though he would not admit to such. He mostly seems dusty and tired, uninspired but guarded like there is much locked away.


Pixie is a bit of a misfit, because she radiates with brightness that just doesn't seem to fit into this dark, colorless world. There is no darkness about her, but she is strangely attracted to all that is. She is a bit of a paradox, a contradition the others silently ponder. What is such a bright being doing in such a dark place?


Unimatrix is a being of sorrow. To observers it looks like low self esteem, but mostly he has no sense of self so the concept of self esteem seems foreign. He longs for freedom, and finds his existence to be an obstacle. Everyone who cares and worries for him is an obstacle, insisting his existence is of worth and must be preserved. He wants escape but knows it's only temporary, and he is tied to his existence so lives in sorrow. 


Intimatrix is the twin sister of Unimatrix, so she feels everything he feels and spends her existence mostly in a sad and silent observation of others. She doesn't have much of an identity, but is a shadow of another shadow without a sense of self to shadow. 


Kittie is a nagging voice that irritates everybody because she complains about how much work she has to do, and how unproductive everyone else is. She is not really required to do any work, but her mind tells her she is. The irony is that she looks at everybody else as miserable, but she is the most miserable of them all. She doesn't seem to really fit in with the others, and nobody really understands her purpose and resent her for thinking they should be working for the same lack of purpose. 

The End

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