Your little brother is having the time of his life pacing the corridors of the hospital, in pursuit of a vending machine that will yield him a bottle of water for his father. Right now, he is the only member of your family that is smiling. Finally, he receives a single bottle of water as a reward for his efforts. Satisfied with the fruits of his labor, he makes his way back to your father, hoping that giving the water to him will earn him a pat on the head and an "I love you, little man". But when he reaches the waiting area he left your father in, he sees two more people have joined him: his sister and his mother. Your brother is very young, and he cannot hear them, but he knows that something is terribly wrong. He can tell by the way his mother's head rests on his father's shoulder, how his father strokes the hair of his sister, his sister's head buried in his father's lap. Your brother knows someone is missing from that picture: his other sister. Still he crosses the room, unaware of the horrifying news that awaits him on the other side.


The End

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