So basically my friend has been going through some really tough times. So this was an exercise/essy type thing that I wrote to her but never actually gave to her.

Imagine your sister coming home from an outing with her friends. She's feeling the vibes from a good night out. Walking on air. Laughing at something that happened to one of her friends. She walks into the room you share, so excited to share with you what happened. Only her smile drops when she walks into the room. You're there, all right. But you're lying still. Your eyes are open but not blinking. Your mouth is slightly opened but not breathing. She shakes you a bit, whispering your name. A question. That's how it starts out. But gradually it grows into a cry. A scream. She's yelling in utter desperation for you to wake up. Perhaps she knows in the deepest, darkest crevice of her heart that you're not going to wake up. But that doesn't stop her from trying. Because she's your sister. And she loves you.


The End

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