saying goodbye or growing upMature

No one likes saying goodbye, or getting rid of memories, but, no one likes to hard. Tho we all know we have to do it at some point. Even, even if we know we might never see them again, or, (sigh) or ever get those memories back, you, you know they,      they will never happen again, everything’s always gunna change.

Seeing family that you haven’t seen for ever and, and they only stay one night, and ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’and you know (sigh) you think that they would miss you, enough, to maybe, just to maybe wana catch up, and see you’re, well ur grown up, not completely             , you’ve still got a lot more time to grow bigger ah older but ur not that 6 year old that they use to know. I’m  18, and and to me that makes me feel bigger, like maybe I should be considered as an adult, like maybe I should be recognized as one of them. And,, and not shunned  of, sometimes when I talk about real complex things they look at me as if to say how do you know this? Do you even know what you’re talking about? What you mean? And I do. I know a lot more then they think, but they, they just,   and don’t wana see that their little sis is growing up. And that, that affects me, and, maybe even scars me for life, in some way.


The End

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