The Likes of Two

When Destiny came about again the first object he saw was the dull, white ceiling. The only thing that paid some decent attention to him was the hemisphere-shaped security camera, without any concrete direction where it was supposed to point. 

"I see that you're finally awake, Mr. Joyfell." The doctor greeted. He signaled the nurse to pass him his clipboard. "You're lucky you were found just in time before suffering a serious case of frostbite and famine if there weren't any kind souls who saw you lying on the streets." He said with a slight inflection in his voice, making an attempting to sound worried towards his patient. The doctor proceeded to scribble more things onto paper. "Judging by your condition, you should be able to return home tomorrow."

"Home?" Wondered Destiny, recalling if the cosmic powers did make inadequately informed, but basic preparations for him to live in after all. 

The doctor patted his chest gently. "Well it seems that your neighbour was the one who found you on the streets. And since you are living alone, she's pretty much the only person who can assist you in your coming days of recovery." He flipped back at his notes before coming back to Destiny. "Err...that would be Ms. Saoirse Maloret. She'll come pick you up tomorrow. Until then, rest well." 

With that Destiny found himself all alone again, ignoring the other patients' presence who were fast asleep in their beds. He soon caught up of his predicament; surely they show a little more mercy, being one of the most powerful and prideful of all. 

"Shouldn't you be worrying about more realistic problems? After a thousand years you never changed one bit."

"Who?" Muttered a slightly shocked Destiny, turning to his left to see a slender and well-shaped familiar figure standing right in front of him, looking down at the former cosmic being with the intention of being callous. 

"Why that's the most appropriate question of all kiddo." said the shadowy figure and smirked at Destiny. "I'm your former subordinate before you got kicked out of the pantheon you idiot." The figure pulled up their hood, revealing a rather androgynous person, one with a face that is on a highest level of beauty with the prettiest of women and the most charming of men won't stand a measly chance. Upset with Destiny's incapability in recalling the one person he should be able to remember, they gave him a closer look. "Death, you dumbass, Death!"

" right....Death. You're here..." Destiny let out a nervous chuckle, unprepared of Death's sudden wrath.

"It's only been less than 8 human hours and I found it very quaint that you have already forgotten me." Death said, their arms folded in disappointment. "Serves you right that the top ones managed to open their eyes and observe your misdeeds. Carelessly making more human lives miserable. Be ashamed of yourself for your carelessness."

"Don't you have any positive things to say?" Destiny covered his ears using the pillow. "You hypocrite; no wonder you went missing during my reign for 13 Sun months. But I'm glad you were gone from my sight. I doubt anyone can stand the likes of you. Irritating, parasitic, moody."

Death rolled their eyes at Destiny's insensible remark. "Sigh. Anyways, I was the one who told the top to give you those basic identification items needed in the human world. It's a pity your fingers were fidgety enough to have lost all that money into the drain."

Destiny's eyes widened with shock. "You were spying on my all this time?"

"Observing." Death corrected him. "And as a mere observer of your situation, you will be living with your top victim on your list during you power abusing moments."

"That Ms. Saoirse Maloret the doctor told me about?"

Death nodded. "You will realized what sort of mess you landed this woman into tomorrow. Gotta go; my subordinates need me somewhere in Brazil."

Before Destiny could utter, even making a single sound out of his throat the only being he knew from this unknown world disappeared into thin air. 

The End

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