Being Human

So you have enough of destiny trying to screw your sucky life?

Want to pick on destiny as much as you can for making your less-than-rewarding life miserable?

Meet Destiny. Once a cosmic power that controls every living being's fate, he joins the rest of us living in a small town where he learns how to be human after getting too carried away with his job.

Now he is forced to make one of his victim's life a little better after the disaster he has caused. Will he be able to adapt to huma

He remembered that shocking sensation that struck his entire being into something puny, something insignificant. So miniature that even he, the anthropomorphic personification of destiny, couldn't save himself from his plight.

He felt the strings under his firm control being flushed away as if a wind has blown it away. No, it shouldn't have; winds are nothing for him. But the process is complete. He falls into deep unconsciousness as he last saw the greater powers laughing, mocking him for his insufferable state.

"That's just one of your dumb tricks you have up on your sleeve, eh Dream? Your worthless power won't work against-"

Destiny found himself on cold concrete ground, metal clanky of a mess objects with rough wheels driving pass him without any care in the world. He slowly gained consciousness over time as he recalled of the situation he had got himself into. 

Ah, his powers were now taken away by those cosmic beings he sat with a moment ago.

And then the matter struck him hard. Touching his entire body making sure that everything was intact, the hard truth burnt his entire head. 

"That...that's impossible! Me-human? Dirty clothes intact and a few crumply human currencies, just like a lowly beggar. At least they prepared an identification card for me. How well-planned...those scheming fools."

Before wandering further the newly turned human clashed with a random passerby, sending the only money that was of his disposal fell into the drain, the sheets of monetary notes gliding further and further away from his hands. Of course, this made the former ruler of destiny ill-tempered as quickly as you could say 'potty paper money', glaring angrily at the lady who he had just bumped.

Destiny grabbed the lady's arm as tight beneath his strong clutches. "Stupid human, how dare you not make way for Destiny? I, the being who control every single human's fate and-" He was unprepared for another ruder interruption, the hard leather of a purse that made contact with his once flawless face as he was left on the streets once again without any philanthropic passerby to give him some sympathy. 


The End

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