Angel: The Other AngelMature


The black haired girl crumbled into my lap, barely giving me time to get my arms around her. I was reelingspinningtumbling down. Everything was going blurry at the edges, like someone had taken water and splashed it across a Picasso. I was losing reality.

I've got you now. Such a beautiful mess, isnt it?

I forced myself not to respond, to focus on the girl. But there were more voices coming, and my heart was racing much too fast. My eyes fell shut in a vain attempt to keep me in the moment, instead of letting the demon within me take hold.

"Well, what have we here?" A deep male voice broke through the static. Instictively I held to the girl tighter, nevermind the shiverchills rushing up my spine.

Bad. Runrunrun.

The other teens didnt even register in my spectrum. There was just me and the man and the girl and the voices. The latter of which had taken control of the scene.

"Who might you be?"


"Angel..." I ignored it.

The man's smile was viscious. Devouring. "The name's Baxter," he told me. There was nothing but false comfort in his voice. "I do hope to make your stay here extremely...enjoyable."

I nodded without response because anything spoken would have comdemned me more. Baxter took time to meet every gaze in the room before turning on his heel and vanishing into the dark beyond.

Stay away.

"Why are you helping me?" I muttered aloud. I could feel all the eyes in the room on me. My cheeks burst into violent red flames. 

Because. When you fall, I want to be the one who's pushed you. 

The End

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