Aiden- The Observer.Mature

I watched as the comady played out before me from behind the shadows. I looked across at the faces of every little being who'd deided to become food for Baxter's tyrany, well...if you didn't know how to handle him. Five years here had taught me well.

I scanned thier faces, I could almost feel the pain and dispare eating into each and every one of them. They all had blood shed some where or another, scars that could only be seen from the inside.

Observing them, brought back sweet memories, ones I only unlock in times f weekness, or great maddness.
I remember when I was nine years old, and oblivious to reality, my mother took me to the zoo. My favoutrite creatures were the apes. I remember observing a little craddle of apes, of all different sizes, and was utterly fasinated by how strangly they treated each other, some screaming, some silent, some asleep, some completly oblivious. This scene was so similar, and almost animal-like. I had to smile.

So many new many things to teach them. They probebly already had their own ways of copeing with the horrors of this messed up hell hole, from things like self mutilation, drugs, to more extream messures like scidzofrania, multiple personalities down to simple companionship in pets and animal, all to protect themselves. It's all well and good, just a way to cope. We need a way to cope in this forsaken hell.

I stood at the door way and watched, a dilighted little smile playing on my lips, as they lifed the hysterically high girl from the floor. She was rolling with laughter. How much fun. My smile turned sour, as I heard his heavy foot steps walking down the spiral stairs. Baxter.

That bastard had to come now. Shit, they'd be in trouble.

"Everyone." I hollard for attention, it took some time for them to notice me. "Clear out...quickly." I tried, but too late.

Shit, now I'd have to deal with this fucked up bastard Baxtar.

I crunched my teath as he stood next to me, and lifted one eye brow, "My my," he mocked, "what do we have here?" His breath smelled of liquor, he was half drunk, at three in the afternoon.

"Baxter..." I started, but he simnply pushed me aside and slammed me into the wall. I stood up, and took my place in the group. The leaste I could do was take most of what he could throw.

The End

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