I Hate HumanityMature


People were coming in, I could hear them. They were  talking too, hushed and hurried. There was no way in hell I was going out there. People, I shivered with disgust. They were the reason I was here. They crashed the plane, they tossed me into the pit to be torn apart by merciless  dogs. No if they wanted my help, they weren't going to get it.

Tac scampered quietly out from his home and sat before me. A light smile crept onto my face as I held out my hand. Normally he would have scurried to my hand and curled up next to me, but not this time. He just sat there whiskers twitching. 

"What?" I asked. Tac looked to the door then back at me. My eyes narrowed and I shook my head. If that mouse could laugh I'm sure he would have at that moment. His tiny pink paws carried him away and through the crack in my door. Growling I stood and followed after the white animal. Tac would pause every now and then as we worked our way through the maze of corridors. 

Finally we reached the lobbies threshold, where I promptly picked up Tac and set him on my shoulder. They weren't going to kill my only friend. I watched the interesting scene. Two girls were on the couch, one was passed out. A boy was holding up another kid who was gazing around lazily. There was even a girl who was giggling happily as she spun around behind the front desk. She was high, just like the man laying on the floor. I turned away from the scene and headed back to my room. 

"Hey!" a girl called out. I glanced over my shoulder. The one who was still conscious on the couch was looking at me, eyes pleading. 

"Please could you help me with her?" I grumbled, standing there. Finally scoffing and turning to help her. Only this once! I thought angrily. 

The End

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