Angel: Falling to That PlaceMature

Wake up.

Fuck. My head was pounding. A minor side effect of sleeping on the streets. The city was movingmovingmoving but I was going nowhere. I was nowhere itself, the empty destination, the place where broken hearts collided with shattered dreams.

I needed somewhere to go, but there was nowhere and I was alone. Always alone.

You should be.

"Shut up," I muttered aloud, then silently cursed myself for responding. If I pretended it wasnt there, maybe it would go away. Or maybe not. I didnt really know. Maybe nothing wouldcouldshould ever change and all life was, was a grand adventure of pain.

I started walking, and walking, because I just didnt know what else to do. This was what defeat felt like, then.

Weak. Weak. Devour the weak.

Soon I came to a dead end street, to a building that looked both desolate and hopeful. A sign above the door read 'Baxter's Home for Troubled Teens'.

Well, how fitting.

It was, wasnt it? For here was me, a girl so young but still so broken, a fading star overshadowed  by a million rising stars. Troubled didnt begin to describe it. I was falling to that place so low there was little promise of ever crawling my way back out. Fallingfadingfallingfading-


I took a step through the door.  

The End

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