Running bloodMature


Water, the eternal substance of life, was running through my fingers, cooling the fiery pain of my fingertips. The sound of running water always calmed a throbbing heart and scared away the lurking demons... of my mind.

I rubbed my hands together, a wave of crimson clouded my eyes. Water tainting red as the rivers of Egypt had done back in Moses era. I watched the flowing red with disgust, bile traveled up my throat and I swallowed it back. The smell of iron intensified around me, blood with a mixture of earth. My fingertips were agonizing under the cooling effect of the water. I pressed on the soap dispenser and vigorously rubbed my hands together: red bubbles, red froth... red orbs.

I saw their eyes once again, their haunting glaze staring back at me from their pit. I didn't shed a tear, no, not in their burial, they must not see my weakness. I covered their lifeless body with the earth, they belong to the world.

Flickers of fire shot through my delusional mind, the burning of flesh filled the air. The flames of Hell, he belonged there. Not a single tear was wasted over unholy beings crawling the face of Earth. Since then, the night has always welcomed me in its dark wings, cradling my frail body. I had become unholy... for the right reasons.


"Aleza," that voice called me back from my thoughts, "Aleza, are you almost done? You've been in there for at least ten minutes." The echoes of his voice bounced off the walls of the dilapidated and putrid restroom. I saw my weary reflection in the dirt stained mirror, water was running through my clean hands... clean on the outside, bloodbath forever more in my mind. The usual dark rims under my eyes were still there, as a reminder... creatures of the dark don't sleep.

I closed the faucet and dried my hands in my torn jeans. I walked outside the restroom to meet my protector and friend: Tyler. His blond shaggy hair was pulled back with a elastic head band, his light blue eyes were scanning my face.

"What took you so long?" he complained, handing me a cupcake, "got some breakfast..."

I took the cupcake and offered him a smile, I shaded my eyes from the blazing sun above us, its rays were mercilessly caressing my pale skin. "I am sorry," I said, giving him my monotonous smile, "my hands were dirty."

"You always think they are dirty," he said in a low voice, he beckoned me to start walking down the street. We had nowhere to go, walking aimlessly has always been comforting. I met him two days ago in a bench at the park some blocks away from here, he too was running away. We bonded instantly, we were looking for company.

We walked silently down the street, his eyes looking forward, my eyes were looking at the bright, endless sky. We were wanderers in this journey of Life, the only difference between him and me was that he was seeking happiness, whilst I was seeking redemption.

The End

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