Memories and a MouseMature


All you could hear were their screams as we fell to the earth. Fear filling our hearts as the engines coughed and gaged on smoke and the cool night air. The pilots must have tried everything yet the bird was crippled beyond repair. My parents held my hands tightly, telling me everything would be o.k. 

I knew that they were lying. It seemed like we were falling forever as if God was keeping us in perpetual torture...if a god ever existed. In a moment that seems frozen by time, I remember looking out the nearby window. Watching as fire roared around the aluminium wings, coloring the sky in a bloody red glare. I just shut my eyes as the aircraft smashed into the ground.

Blackness ensued and demons chased me as my body sat unconscious in burning plane. I never remembered what provoked me to wake in the smoke filled cabin. I heard the groans and moans of those severely injured or dying. To my left and right, body parts, whole people and twisted burning metal were strewn wildly around. At the time I didn't care who was around me, alive or dead, I was just concerned in saving my sorry ass. 

The fire chased me out of the midsection of the plane like a hungry demon set on consuming my flesh. When I touched solid ground, I felt cool long grass caress my skin. I couldn't compel myself to do anything as I watched the plane burn. Even when emergency crews arrived I still waited for my Mom and Dad to step from the wreckage. To have them pick me up and hold me in their warm loving embrace. It was never to be. Sometimes I just wished I had died.

The memories brought tears to my eyes as I felt the tickle of tiny whiskers twitch against my skin. As I opened my eyes the haunting memory faded to the back of my abyssal mind. A tiny snow white mouse looked up at me with his black beady eyes. A smile twitched at the edge of my lips as I picked up the tiny creature and sat up. 

"Tac," I said half relieved as the tiny creature squeaked a reply. Heavy footsteps drummed behind me and stopped. I already knew who it was and was gripped with hidden dread. Slowly I turned around, Tac hid in my hands. Standing before me was Baxter, a demon of a man who's only semi-human quality was his look of charm. His coffee brown eyes glittered with malice that adding to his torturous persona.

"Caught a mouse 'ave we?" he teased walking around to one side of bed. I pulled Tac close to me, It'd be a cold day in Hell I let the bastard touch my only light in the choking darkness. Baxter held out his hand, a twisted smile spreading across his face. I narrowed my eyes and shifted away, causing a violent twitch to spasm on his perfect features. Then without warning he lunged at me clamping a vice like hand around my throat, lifted me into the air, and tossed me against the aging marble floor. In a wild squeak, Tac jumped from my grasp and dashed for his home under my bed. Baxter had other ideas and snatched him up by the tail. My eyes snapped to Baxter and felt my heart get caught in my throat. 

"I wonder what he'd look like smashed in a mouse trap or burned with matches?" He teased lightly swinging the panicking mouse who wailed in a high pitched squeals. 

"Baxter!" I growled but stopped as I heard another appear in my door way. I had seen the kid around the sanctuary many times but had never spoken with him. He was a tall guy with deep green eyes that were covered by dark brown hair. The guy stepped into the room clad in black and looked like a living shadow. 

"Baxter, don't you have better things to do than play with dirty rodents?" the kid shot dryly with a hint of snark. Baxter growled and glanced back at Tac. 

"Fine! I was getting bored any way." He tossed Tac into the air like a rag doll, thought I managed to catch him as Baxter disappeared into the blackness that was the sanctuary. Softly I petted Tac's soft fur and set him atop my shoulder to rest from him traumatic encounter. The kid who had taken on Baxter looked at me and gave me a weak smile. 

"Name's Aiden." he said watching me with hint of pity. I nodded and sat on my bed, Tac just rested tiredly on my shoulder. Aiden just stood at the threshold of my room leaning on the wall. His eyes gave me a cursory glance and noticed the heavy white scaring on my arms, which I hurriedly covered with my hoodie's sleeves. Aiden seemed curious but did press the issue thankfully. 

"What's your name? You must not have been here long or I'd recognize you. 

"Berrin," I said simply then pointed to my mouse. "That's Tac." Aiden nodded and stood. 

"Nice to meet you both, don't worry to much about that Bastard Baxter, he's just a psycho with nothing to do." I nodded, Aiden smiled lightly left my room. On the opposite side of my room was a small window. Silhouetted in the glass was a large crystal-like orb that glittered in the deep blue night sky.

"Going for a walk Tac," I whispered to the mouse and slunk through the sanctuary. Before opening the front door I gave one last glance to the decrepit place. Sometimes it felt like the streets were a better home than this mansion. With that thought I stepped into the cool night air, Tac resting quietly on my shoulder. 

The End

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