Nightmares and LullabysMature


Running naked through the streats, heart bounding from my chest, my lungs bursting, pleading for rest, but I can't rest, no rest, he'll catch me. I can see it, I can feel his breath against my skin, his hands clasping onto my frame. I try to scream, no one will hear. Just his laughter, his voice. I hate him, make him stop, get him off me. His touch, his body, his smell, they disgust me. The acid like vomit burns my throat, must hold it back, must keep it down. No weekness, no tears.

Her voice, who's voice? Her's.  The woman, that woman. She would hold me in her arms, my mother? Was she my mother? God knows. God...what God...there's no God...not here...not in his grip, with his arms clasping on my bear skin. None hear. Her voice...his touch, the laughter in the dark. Singing voice mangeled by his laugh...I wish it would end, it would all be over, just everything stop... 

Make it stop ...Stop stop STOP. ...

The night ends, my eyes open. Im alone, Im in bed. I have my cloths. My body's untouched. A nightmare...another one...but it seemed so real.

 I run to the toilet, the crawly vomit burns my tongue, as it escapes from my mouth. 
I thought he was gone, I thought I escaped. But no matter where I go, my soul will be his forever, his to devour. Kill him...kill them all. Kill kill kill kill kill KILL. But my mind will never ease, even if I bathed in his blood, he'd still be the one laughing. He's still there. Always there. Waiting for my moment of weekness... The night continues. I dare not close my eyes... he'll catch me. I dare not sleep, he'll find me. I sit, watching the moon light fade behind the shadowy clouds.

The End

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