Raven GeorgeMature

I don't look as Matthew takes what he wants from me. When he's done he gets up with a grunt and throws me my clothes. I pull them on and watch as Matthew pulls out a smoke. "I thought you were gonna quit" I whisper moving over to wrap my arms round him and rest my head on his chest.

"You think I'd quit just cause you ask" Matthew snarls.

"No, of course not" I mumble.

"Here, take one" he holds the open packet in front of me and I take a deep breath before picking one out. I pull away from Matthew and put it to my lips while he lights the other end. I take a deep drag and breath a sigh of relief. "See, baby. They're the best relief"

He pulls me into his arms and kisses me roughly. You think if you had an abusing, possessive boyfriend and you knew about it you'd leave him right. Wrong, I just can't excape. I kiss Matthew roughly back and he bites my lower lip. "You were hot back then. Thanks again, baby"

"No problem" I mumble. I myself knowing I only did it cause I didn't want to get beaten. "I have to get going"

"Now?" Matthew says with a raised eyebrow.

"Before dark" I mumble.

"Then not now. So come here" I notice I had stepped away from him and I walk back into his arms. Its then he pins me to the wall by my neck. He nicks my cigarette and pulls up my sleeve so he can burn it into my arm. I bite my lips to hold back the scream. Matthew smiles. "Good girl" he says releasing me. I gasp for breath and Matthew hads me back my smoke. I take a drag and while I do I look up at him with fear filled eyes.

Why am I taking all this shit?

The End

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