Angel: Wrong TurnMature


There was nowhere to go.

The streets were darkdarkdark like the sky and and the ocean and everything in between. Swallowing, too. Waves crashing, but those were only in my head. I was running so fast I could barely breathe, running for my life. Or what was left of it.

You're going to fall.

I skidded with the pavement, a stinging pain taking over my entire body. I could see blood, eerie in the moonlight. Glowing, almost. And the pain was crashing like the waves, but those were only in my head. Pain was only in my head.

I had to keep going. Running was the only way to escape it. The nightmare that lay behind me, the mess that I'd created.

Such a beautiful mess, isnt it?

"You did this," I scowled into the nothingness that surrounded me. "I didnt ask for any of this."

You didnt have to ask.


When the sun broke the horizon, brightbrightbright, I was sitting on a bench in the park. The sky was so breathtaking. Some days all I wanted to do was stare at it. Maybe find some answers. I wasnt holding my breath for it.

There is something about cities that make me want to crawl out of my skin. The air around me was thick with smog. The sky was sliced with the buildings that rose up from the ground. Devouring.

Tearing it apart. Do you want to be torn apart?

I managed to ignore it for now. Not for long. Every day it was harder to fake it. I was achingcryingbleeding and I wasnt getting better. Not out here in the streets of the city, where the pain so easily found me.

Standing up slowly, I left the bench in search of something else. Food, maybe, not that I had much of an appetite.

Devour, devour. 

Wandering aimlessly only got me so far. Eventually I needed some direction. Eventually I needed something to shield me from the blackness that managed to seep into my pores and stealstabkill me. I was fading. It was only a matter of time until the darkness took me completely. Until I was nothing but a memory fingerpainted by demons across the midnight sky.

You arent worth remembering.

The End

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