Georgie HughesMature

I sat alone, staring out into the cold night. The wintry wind attempted the blister my face but I felt no pain nor any shivers. I could not feel anything.

I tried to cry, but no tears formed. I was alone in this cruel world. Away from mummy and daddy and away from anyone I ever knew

"Cheer up lad" a voice behind me chuckled. I thought I would jump or be spooked...but no. This voice soothed me and comforted me like a parental figure

I swivelled around and asked where I was. Yet again I expected an occurence that failed to happen. This time my jaw hitting the floor when he explained that I was dead. I wanted to be shocked, I wanted to be horrified but this dreadful news did not surprise me.

The memory of my short childhood flashed before me. Me trying to ride my bike, my dad walking away as I stumbled into an oncoming car. I knew he could not have let me die purpously but this new father figure swung my opinion

At last I was home

The End

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