Old Man JenkinsMature

All around me I could hear the sounds of other spirits laughing. They would be getting up to mischief tonight, and who could blame them. Many had died young and horribly and were due for revenge on the world of the living.

But not me, not Old Man Jenkins. I had lived a good old life while I was alive and would not be joining in the foolish games of the other spirits. No, I had another purpose tonight. 

Gliding over the ground silently, I hurried in the direction of a certain house, hoping I would make it before the night ended and we were forced back to the otherworld.

I feared I would never make it, that the sun would begin to light the sky before I arrived, but finally I saw it, a light glittering in the window.

It was early morning, but she was awake. The past 20 years had aged her some, her hair now completely grey, her face lined. But her eyes were that same sapphire blue, her lips still that delicate shade of pink. She was still the woman I had married.

And there he was, as I knew he would be, coming out of the bedroom and rubbing sleep from his eyes. He too was looking old. And his reached to hug my wife I could not blame him for what had happened. He didn't know what she was.

But I did blame her. She may have been a good 20 years younger than me when I married her in a mid life crisis, but I had loved her. And I thought she had loved me. It turned out all she loved was the money, and then this man who she wanted to share my money with. Old Man Jenkins had to go, and so she made it happen. An overdose on medication, oh poor me, she had never known I was so suicidal. Or so the story she had told everyone went. They didn't see her forcing me to swallow each pill and then sitting with me until she was sure I was good and dead before 'discovering' my body. 

As I said, unlike the other spirits I was not out for revenge against the world of the living this night. All I wanted was revenge against one living, the one who had made me leave the world of the living. And if what was left of tonight was kind, I would get it

The End

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