Martha RowsMature

My laughter split the air, joining with the raucous cries of the ravens that rang out overhead. The night wind howled and raced about, dancing at our heels as my companions and I leapt and cavorted through the air. The ravens circled our heads, cawing and cackling, rejoicing in our glee. The moon sent spear-shafts of silver light lancing across the open ground before us, setting our pale forms alight with white fire.

"My friends," I called, dancing ahead of my companions, watching their eyes blaze in the darkness, "too long have we remained trapped in the Otherworld. Too long, you hear me? Our hour of freedom is at hand! Come, let us run together once more!"

A chorus of joyous whooping rose to greet me. I leapt into the air and ran ahead, elation surging through my ghostly limbs as I threw my head back and screamed my defiance. For years I had lain there, trapped by the spells and bonds of my enemies, doomed to an unending eternal torment of boredom. The foolish mortals should have known they could not hold me forever. I had died years before; my tomb lost beneath the deep earth and my body nothing but food for the maggots. But not now. Now I was free to do as I wished.

"Come!" I howled. "We have been slandered, my kindred, slandered and wronged! Let us take back what these fools have torn from us. Let us make them pay in blood! Blood and vengeance!"

The End

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