Paisly Mark Mature

I whistled as I flew swirling the ghostly sword in my hand. I looked at all the children skipping along the road. God, there were even some people mocking me dressed as spirits and tv show killers.

Well, might as well use my freedom to get some payback on the world. The payback for my assasination. I began checking houses trying to find one with a lonely soul. God, why did everyone have to be so happy on the celebration assosiated with death. I scoff and then.

"Ahhh" I say looking through a window at an old women crying. I smiled revealing my bloodied teeth. Every spirit had to keep ther body they died in. Mine was almost shot to pieces. So much I found it hard to move. I flew through the wall into the room. "Why do you cry? You should be screaming" I say beginning to cackle.

The women looked up, her eyes widen and her mouth opened to scream. She didn't get chance, my ghostly sword slit across her throat deep enough to kill her instantly but spill enough blood to make me smile. I turned and floated out begining to whistle again.

The End

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