Samhain: The Day the Spirits come throughMature

Ever known where Halloween came from? One of the orgins was Samhain, a Gaelic festival, it roughly means Summer's end.
So will what will happen on this night when the border between the otherworld and the one of the living becomes its thinnest. What will happen because of one wizards great mistake? Tell your spirits story.

The old man lifted his hand uttering the magical words trying to call back his long lost with. The sound of children echoed up the hill from the streets. The old man grunted and continued his ritual in the centre of his protected circle.

Then a shriek erupted and the old man covered his eyes with his arms from the blinding light that had erupted in front of him. Then the light disapeared and slowly the old man allowed his arm to pull back so he could see what had happened. A sob escaped his lips then another and soon he was crying. "Oh, Christie" he cried.

He wanted to run to here and to hold her but there was several reasons he couldn't. If he broke the circle spirits of the dead would erupt into the world of the living. Also.... Christie was a spirit. She floated about ten centimeters from the ground and her body was thin, wavering and untouchable. If a human were to touch it there hand would sink right through.

To the old mans knowledge they could touch no other human either. "Alfred" Christie's spirit whispered. "You made a mistake"

Suddenly the squeals and sound of children got closer and Alfred span round just to see the children come into sight.... at the edge of the circle. "NO!" Alfred screamed his hand shooting out to try and stop them. But they were to far away and one of the childs foot came down on the marking of the edge of the circle. "No" The whisper escaped his lips.

The circle was broken.... The spirits were free every single one of them.... for the whole night. A spirit flew out of the crack quickly shooting through the child who scream out and fell to the floor. "What have I done?" Alfred choked.

"You've let them go, Alfred" Christie whispers.

The End

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