Ian: waking up in a strange placeMature

My head fills with images of Elyse and I, her smile, voice, figue, touch and kiss. I almost believed I could imagine her back to life if I tried hard enough but my own subconciouse brutally murded the hope by bringing up her cold dead body. I wake up on cold stone, the cieling above me rotting away showing grey skys, and the sound of a damp breeze  whispered in my ears. I was covered in my own blood my right having a massive hole in it, my chest felt like it was being crushed by bricks, and everything else just generally hurt to much to bother mentioning. Still I got up able to stand on what should be broken legs. The walls were also made of stone. Where the hell was I? I turned around no door or any type of exit, just the hole in the cieling which was a good 50 foot climb.

"Alright I guess this is the best they've got to stop me, I should be able to break out easily." I try to morph my arm but explodes in pain blood spattering the walls, as I scream. half an hour later the pain died down to level where I was able to think agian. I was pissed though I can slay countless demons but what stops me a few injuries and a stone wall. I looked around checking out my climbing option, the stones where well place togethor only spiderman could climb himself out of this one.

I slumped agianst the wall reviewing what happened lastnight which basically was getting my ass kicked big time , and then being told I was only looking for a quick way out. Fuck Keenan I hate him, he fucked my life up so bad the only good thing that's come out of it is Elyse, and he took that away from me to. I wanted to cry at the thought of Elyse, but I stopped I could dwell on her later when I was out of this thing. I get up again looking deep into the walls hoping to see some useful way out of this thing. Nothing just my own  guilt , pain, hate and anger.

"Fuck, don't you think you fucked with my enough?" I ask the wall, in anger punching it till my knuckles bleed, and afterwards doing absolutley nothing to the wall just giving it a slightly better colour then grey. I look at it for a moment.

"Maybe my problem is I'm not determined enough to win, maybe I just don't have what it take at the moment to do this. What could that be though?"

The End

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