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I held Elyse close to me, as I remembered every moment bividly that had taken place a few minutes ago. I couldn't think of any better time in my life, other than being with Elyse. She is all I had to look forward to in the storm of misery, pain,and guilt that bombarded me each day, and each day I pushed it aside because I was with Elyse, and I thought nothing could take her away from me. Only moments later I was proven wrong when she let out an ear piercing scream that quickly came to a stop when something broke through her skin. Her blood quickly seeped into the mattress, as horror came over my face. I look up at the demon full of hate,and leap off the mattress as it disappears into the shadows. I could feel my eyes watering but I had still not come across the full realization Elyse was gone forever. I ran to her body her eyes lifeless as her heart was silent. I take out the stake that was driven into her heart, with the magic I healed the wound,but it did nothing to bring her back.

"Elyse!" I call over and over again until my voice can no longer fall across my tongue, she was gone and could never come back, and it was all my fault, if only I had noticed, if only I had held her more closely. I could have saved her! I held her lifeless body tight giving her one last kiss before my mind shuts down.

For what could have been days or mere hours I wake up her body gone with only the trace of dried blood on my hands. I still felt the pain twisting inside my chest, but was dampened by the feeling of numbness that hummed in the background,and everywhere else. Getting up I walked like lifeless zombie out the dor , and  into the streets, a dense rain battering against my skin. I wished each drop was a long needle that could end it all, but of course somewhere inside me I knew I couldn't end it all, because I wasn't finished. I focused on that small hint of light making it the purpose to live , and adding the anger and the pain I felt.  Revenge flooded my mind. I walked up the same street until the it became dark and everybody had left. The rain falling harder then ever the shadows began to amass before me becoming Keenan, and few of his followers.

"Finally you take a step out from that room. I was beginning to get bored, no ones been cutting down my army's for over two weeks."Keenan jeered, my anger hitting the explosive point where I have no control over what my bode changes into.  instantly my body changes and I dart forwards the claws going straight through his body stretching beyond it and killing his followers. He luaghs a deep throaty laugh as he easily flicks me away crashing through a dozens of stone wall in the building across the street. I get up coughing a puddle of blood, strangely enough though the pain made me feel alive. I move back onto the street, Keenan changing into this terrifying demon with a dark black head that had a cold black vapour emitting from the nostrils, ears and mouth. His arms  like rocks with molten lava between each tile of skin. His torso seemed to be made of a cold dark skin that was freezing the vapour from his head, and his four legs looked like that of a spider and human flesh blood streaming from each knuckle on the legs. It wasn't his appearance that was most terrifying, it was this presence of complete despair and power, that overwhelmed all of the senses. I felt like I was standing up against a rockfall, and each moment was gift for being allowed to live.

My right arm becomes like a large broadsword as my left grew rapier like claws flames growing at the palm, I head forwards dodging these dark solidified vapour spikes with ease until I reach the demon, I  leap putting my right arm through his head and  with my left I bring the claws through the the vapour and into his torso and release the ball of flames that engulfed five blocks of London's buildings. The flames swirling around  us I could see a thick black and orange goo poor from the demons head. Had I killed him so easily? A grin grew on his face.

"Now your worth something! Still not good enough though." He grabs my body ripping me away from him, his wounds heal instantly, as  he slams me on to the burning ground, more blood spewing out of my mouth. I get up feeling the many broken ribs I had my left arm supporting them. Another frozen vapour spike comes at my except this time it was about the size of house. My right arm becomes a shield before it hits me.  It pierces through my arm/shield. I scream out in pain my body breaking as it slammed me through multiple buildings until it loses momentum and I'm thrown on to the ground unable to move. Keenan walks up to me rolling me over so he can see my face.

"If I killed you now I would be giving you exactly what you wanted. You weren't prepared to kill me, you were prepared to die. It would be a kindness to let you join Elyse. Enjoy the physical pain, wallow in the sorrows of your loss." He laughs disappearing into the night the rain stopping. My eyes close as I utter her name, and hear quiet footsteps stop only inches away for my body.

The End

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