Elyse: FallenMature

Time went by slowly, and soon I found myself falling into a routine of sorts. Every day we woke up, went around London fighting off demons, returned to the hotel room we called home. How did we afford it? Well, I wasnt smoking anymore, that was for sure. Honestly Ian never told me where he got the money to support our slumming. And I never asked. It was one of those things we both figured I was probably better off not knowing.

I had a dream about Alex one night, and for the next few days I found myself in a state of depression. Ian didnt seem to be mad about it or even feel betrayed. He knew that I loved him, that I was going to be beside him for the rest of my life. I had a feeling that he missed Alex even more than I did, and I was sure he blamed himself for all that had happened since they'd arrived in my alley in New York.

One night when the rain was coming down particularly hard, and Ian and I were laying about lost in our own thoughts, he reached out to pull me to his chest in a tight hug. Keenan had told us that sooner or later the angel and demon powers we both held would get the best of us. And when it happened, it would tear us apart. But for now all I felt in his arms was the same ache of temptation as always.

"We could stop, you know," I told him softly. "We could find somewhere to settle down away from all this shit."

Ian did not look away from the window, gazing into the nothing for what seemed like ages. "We cant just let him win, Elyse. This is my destiny. Our destiny. None of this was an accident."

This time it was I who remained silent.  "Kiss me," I said at last. So Ian brought his lips down to my own in a perfect, passionate kiss. And we didnt stop there. Ian slid his hands down my chest to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up slowly until it was off. He broke the kiss to do the same with his before rolling me over so that I was underneath him.

We didnt stop, all madness and chaos but sweet perfection. Ian's hands explored all the cntours of my body while my lips made a sloppy trail down his neck and chest, further, further...

Ian moved his hand to the zipper of my pants, pausing for any sort of protest from me. Instead I only let out a moan of twisted pleasure, my blood rising with every touch. Then he was pushing my pants down, tentatively brushing his finger against the soft skin he found there. I let out a gasp of ecstasy, holding to him tightly. My own hands quickly found his zipper as well, pulling at it roughly.

After that, there was only passion and screams and his name falling constantly from my lips. All the while I clung to him because he was everything there was for me to cling to. He whispered that he loved me against the skin of my neck, teasing it with his lips and teeth and tongue.

"I love you too," I said in return. "I love you too."

We fell asleep then, all tangled up in the sheets and each other and the final traces of magic that still hung about us in the air . I felt safer than I ever had in his arms.

I should have known that good things never last. A faint noise made me open my eyes, squinting about in the darkness. That was when I saw the shadow of the demon over me where I lay. I let out an ear-piercing scream. It was all I could do before he smiled and drove a steak straight through my heart.

The End

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