Ian: Still weakMature


I see the Demon, I already knew what to do as my body changed with the powers that had been given to me. Elyse takes notice of my entrance, and sliced the prince across the torso with a look of pure hatred in her eyes. The prince jumps out of reach of the sword.

"That actually kind of stung!" He looks at the blade another loathsome smile crosses his face, " So I still do have enemies, enemies that can't hurt with their own power, so they use pawns. Absolutely laughable that they think that blade will kill me." I rush forwards in his lecture not wanting to hear his words that will strike hopelessness even in the strongest hearts.  I hit him hard on his side releasing a sting beam actually breaking the skin. I duck under his arm as he goes to punch me Elyse strikes him from the other side her sword.

"Two on one, hardly fair, luckily for me, Ian is a pitiful excuse for something I created."  As I block a punch with my arm as it morphs into a sort of shield look but he ignored Elyse's cutting grabbing me with his arm raising me far off the ground and hit Elyse's sword out of her and which embedded to the ground his wounds healing slowly. he throws me up putting his hands over my throat, and began to crush harder. His smile showing pure joy,and anger.

"Why don't you hurry up and become my dark servant of chaos?" I look at Elyse who was glowing even more now, I wondered if she had another trick in her sleeve, the world blinked out for a moment as I struggled for oxygen. Pain courses through my veins," Too human! A failure! No wonder your so weak!" He throws me and I crash through the wall gasping for breath. I get up despite the pain, I was going to kill him for everything he had done. I enter the room agian Elyse swing the sword down on the demon, who just smiled letting the sword slice across his arm. He disappears, but his voice resonated in my head.

"I usually kill all of my failures, but in this case I want to see your pain when the revelations come."

Elyse hits the ground, tears, of anger in her eyes, her sword sliced through the floor I run to her side, as I will everything to fix itself. I held her tight, with concern our skin tingling again.

"What's wrong?" I ask sitting her at the bed.

"That bastard, he refuses to leave me or you alone." She says, but that didn't seem like the underlining problem.

"What did he say to you before I entered?"

"Its nothing probably just his lies." She said confidently.

"What did he say?" I say still feeling her unease.

"Nothing just commented on me being blessed, and something about you."

"Okay, just regard everything he says as a lie, what he says can not be truths." I say holding her really close now, the strange feeling passing through me again but I didn't mind it, in a ways it was relaxing. I kiss her lips.

"I want to tell you, I will never leave you, no matter what happens. I will stay by your side even if it means the death of me." I say quietly," Also because it seems like I leave you even for a second you seem to get yourself in trouble."

The End

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